2 Age Syndrome in Infants and Problems

Dear parents, 2-year-old syndrome in babies, which is one of the growth periods of babies, is a stage in which your children try to impose them on life as they go from infancy to the period of being a growing individual.

2 Age Syndrome-Dear parents, 2-year-old syndrome in babies, which is one of the growth periods of babies, is a stage in which your children try to impose them on life as they go from infancy to the period of being a growing individual.

Babies, which is observed between the ages of 12 and 36 months, is actually a difficult and tiring period not only for mothers and fathers but also for babies. If you think about it, you are confronted with an individual who cannot express himself yet, whose language development has not developed and whose communication skills have not developed. Her tantrums, stubbornness with you, aggressive attitudes, persistent saying no, trying to fulfill her wishes by constantly shouting and crying are some of the things you will encounter in the syndrome experienced by babies.2 Age Syndrome

During this period, if you think that your baby is spoiled and therefore behave aggressively, perhaps you will cause permanent mistakes in his character. Knowing that this period is temporary and waiting for it to pass patiently will be the first step. Let’s see what this situation in babies mean?

What is Age 2 Syndrome in Babies?

Walking and speaking are the first steps for babies to be able to work independently of their mother. It’s the way he realizes that he exists as an individual and says I’m here too.

What are the Symptoms of Age 2 Syndrome in Infants?
At the beginning of the symptoms of 2 year old syndrome in babies, words like “no” “” “I don’t want” will come from your baby. In addition, many behaviors that you may see negatively, such as hitting, yelling, throwing things on the ground, not eating, not doing the things you normally like, are among the symptoms of 2-year-old syndrome in babies. During this period, babies always want to contradict and do the opposite, not what their parents said. Apart from these, if we specify item by item;

2 Age Syndrome

Don’t respond constantly negatively
Don’t try to get the things done
Don’t do the opposite of what is said
Sleep problems
Don’t wanna do everything alone
Don’t try to establish authority on mom and dad
Eating problems
Toilet issues
Things like being constantly unhappy are signs of age 2 syndrome in babies
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How Long Does Age 2 Syndrome Last in Infants?
Do not be afraid it will not be this way forever. As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, 2-year-old syndrome in babies starts at the 18th month and usually ends at the 36th month, but sometimes it lasts until the age of 4.

How to Treat Babies in 2-Year-Old Syndrome?
Dear parents, this is a period when individuals in this period prefer to conflict with you, regardless of the subject. You are rightly wondering how we should behave in 2-year-old syndrome. However, we guess that the solution
you are having trouble finding it.

Being calm towards your baby will have a positive effect on his mental and emotional development. The first thing to do when we say how to behave in 2 year old syndrome is to keep calm.

The second important point is to be clear and consistent. So if you say no, it should remain as no.You should not say yes. If you say yes because he cried no, then you create an inconsistent personality. In addition, when the mother or father says no, the other should say no. Different approaches are not correct.

In babies 2-year-old syndrome, you should not constantly stimulate him. Constant stimulation negatively affects his personality development. Your sentences should be clear and understandable.

You have to give him / her responsibilities for the task that he / she can do so that he feels himself a valuable individual.

As soon as he gets stubborn, do not stick with him, direct his attention to something different. Offer him choices, like whether you want to wear this or that today. These types of questions are important for personal development.

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