24 Weeks Pregnant and Features of Period

24 Weeks Pregnant Your baby will be approximately 21 cm in height and approximately 540 – 670 grams in weight. These are average values ​​and your physician knows the most accurate values ​​for you and your baby.

Dear mothers, your baby’s weight will increase by 180 grams per week during 24 weeks of pregnancy. Despite your baby getting fat, your baby is still very small. But her face and body look more like her when she was born, so she took the form of a baby. 24 Weeks Pregnant
Your little baby has beautiful eyelashes, eyebrows and even quite a bit of hair now. However, as there is no pigment in her hair yet, it is not clear whether your little angel is blonde, brunette or red. Because now they are all white as snow.

At 24 weeks, the tiny baby is aware of whether it is standing upside down or straight inside the amniotic sac. The reason for this is that the inner ear, which provides the balance of the body, is developed.
Babies born at 24 weeks of gestation have an average survival rate of more than 50%. And this probability will increase with each passing week in the womb.

How is Nutrition at 24th Week of Pregnancy

Dear mother, you should adapt some nutritional principles to your daily life during the pregnancy period. You should prefer steaming or grilling instead of frying, which is among the cooking methods, so that you can be healthier. 24 Weeks Pregnant
Instead of frozen foods, foods high in sugar and fat, you should consume fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as fish.
In order to maintain your diet plan regularly, you should eat as little as possible outside, or choose culinary dishes and safe ones when you eat out. Because it would be troublesome because you do not know the cooking methods and which oil they use.

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