25 Weeks Pregnant and Features of Period

25 Weeks Pregnant-Your baby will be approximately 22 cm in height and approximately 700 – 750 grams in weight. These are average values ​​and your physician knows the most accurate values ​​for you and your baby.

Development continues rapidly for the tiny baby who is in the womb of the expectant mother during the 25th week of pregnancy. During this 25 weeks, capillaries under the baby’s skin are formed and filled with blood. The tiny baby’s lungs also form air sacs covered with capillaries.

25 Weeks Pregnant- At the 25th week, she will start preparations to take her baby’s first breath.
Average 25. The nostrils, which are closed until the week, will begin to open this week.

In this way, the baby can now practice breathing. 25 Weeks Pregnant
The vocal cords of the beloved mother-to-be baby are now also working. And that will cause him to hiccup every now and then. Even if you are lucky, you will feel it too, and you will see your belly move with rhythmic movements. Sometimes mothers are worried about this situation. Keep calm there is nothing to be afraid of. Little naughty just hiccups inside.


The baby’s movements in the mother’s womb are irregular at the 25th week of pregnancy. They even make short movements. For this reason, you may not always feel the baby’s movements every day.

All movements of the baby are clearly visible on the ultrasound images on the 25th week of pregnancy. However, the movements of the fetus baby will become more regular and consistent between the 28th and 32nd weeks of pregnancy.

Changes in the Mother at 25 Weeks of Pregnancy

The bone extension in the pelvic bone of the beloved expectant mother reached 25 cm in size up to the peak of the uterus. At this point, your uterus was the size of a soccer ball.

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