28 Weeks Pregnant and Features of Period

28 Weeks Pregnant- Your baby will be approximately 35 – 40 cm in height and approximately 1100 – 1300 grams in weight. These are average values ​​and your physician knows the most accurate values ​​for you and your baby.

The important thing is that the physician does not see any problems in the development curve.
The surface of the developing brain of her baby is flat until the 28th week, but with the 28th week of pregnancy, characteristic grooves and pits begin to form on the surface of the baby’s brain. In addition, the amount of the baby’s brain tissue will increase. 28 Weeks Pregnant

The eyebrows and eyelashes of the beloved mother-to-be baby are formed and now the baby’s tiny eyes blink. Your angel’s accomplishment at week 28 is blinking! Over time, this will include coughing, sucking, hiccuping and breathing.

Dear mother, your baby sleeps and wakes up regularly, but still, the sleep pattern is not like a newborn baby. Each time, he sleeps for 20 to 30 minutes in the baby’s belly and wakes up. 28 Weeks Pregnant

What are the changes in the mother at 28 weeks of pregnancy?

Your uterus appears well above your navel at 28 weeks of pregnancy. Sometimes you feel this growth gradually, sometimes it may feel like it’s happening very quickly.

How Many Weight Should Mom Gain at 28 weeks of Pregnancy?

Weight gain during pregnancy has been a topic of concern every period, even every week. Expectant mothers keep searching for whether I am in the ideal weight range, whether I have gained too much weight or whether I have gained less weight with constant and sometimes environmental pressure.

If you started your pregnancy at a normal weight, it would be ideal for you and your baby to gain between 11 and 14 kilos. 28-week pregnancy weight is expected to increase by an average of 500-700 grams. Dear mother, you may have gained approximately 7.7-10.8 kg in total by now. It can be more or less of this. Your doctor will provide the most accurate weight report.

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