3 Weeks Pregnant and Period Specialities

What happens in the 3rd week of pregnancy?

3 Weeks Pregnant -So many different things are happening in your stomach right now. Your tiny baby is a crazy growing cell ball. This tiny growing ball is called a Blastocyst. Immediately after the blastocyst implants in your uterus, the part that will form the placenta begins to produce the pregnancy hormone hCG.

This hcg hormone instructs your ovaries to stop egg production. It also commands intense estrogen and progesterone production.

Dear expectant mother, HCG hormone is the reason for the pregnancy test to be positive. If you do a pregnancy test at the end of the 3rd week of pregnancy, your result will be positive. (If the test is negative, you can try again in a few days.) Meanwhile, in the cavity that would form the amniotic sac, amniotic fluid began to accumulate around the blastocyst. This liquid will protect and protect your little baby for the coming weeks and months. Your beloved mother-to-be, right now, your little blastocyst consists of microscopic channels that are connected to the vessels in your uterus. And with a simple loop system tool it takes oxygen and nutrients and removes bad waste. The placenta will take over this task next week.

What Happens in Your Body Step by Step in Week 3 of Pregnancy?

The strong membrane of your egg is fertilized by a single sperm and your baby is there … A few days after this fertilization, the egg landed in my womb and began to grow and develop there. Inside, there is a baby, your baby is struggling to come to life.

Dear expectant mother, you probably do not know and do not realize that you are more pregnant… but maybe towards the end of this week, you may experience a slight bleeding which is called ‘implantation bleeding’. The reason for this bleeding is that the fertilized egg passes through the uterine layer with high blood circulation. It is a slight bleeding; It may not be experienced by every expectant mother.

What are the Symptoms in the 3rd Week of Pregnancy?

Some expectant mothers feel pregnancy symptoms before the test looks positive. So what are the symptoms in the 3rd week of this pregnancy? 3 Weeks Pregnant

1. Soft and swollen breasts of the expectant mother… Many expectant mothers feel and describe this feeling much more intensely than the premenstrual symptoms.

2. Feeling of fatigue and fatigue of the expectant mother… With the increase of the hormone called progesterone and the formation process of your baby, you may feel exhausting as if you ran a marathon.

3. The expectant mother’s need to urinate frequently or the feeling that she is constantly urinating… This situation, which takes effect immediately after the pregnancy, can sometimes sound funny. The expectant mother may think that I will spend the day in the toilet.

4. Increase in the sensitivity of the mother to smell and being uncomfortable… The more intense smell is among the very common symptoms. This is due to the sudden increase in estrogen levels.

5. Feeling of disgust for the expectant mother… Disgust for certain foods; It is one of the more common symptoms than increased appetite. 3 Weeks Pregnant

6. Nausea, vomiting and intense weakness in the mornings of the expectant mother… It usually starts after a few weeks. However, these symptoms may start earlier in some expectant mothers.

7. High body temperature of the expectant mother during the 3rd week of pregnancy… If your body temperature is slightly high for a while, this is probably a sign that you are pregnant.3 Weeks Pregnant

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