37 Weeks Pregnant And Features of period

37 Weeks Pregnant-In the 37th week, your tiny baby will be approximately 47-51 cm in length and approximately 2950 grams in weight. These are average values and your physician knows the most accurate values for you and your baby. During the 37th week of pregnancy, your baby’s weight will increase approximately 200 grams compared to the previous week.

Dear expectant mother, your baby is preparing for the first breath. He draws amniotic fluid into his lungs and empties them. Your little baby is now sucking his thumb, blinking his eyes, skating from one side to the other, in short, enjoying the last times inside.

There are no risk factors for those who give birth during the 37th week of pregnancy, they can hold their tiny babies healthily.

How Baby Movements Happen at 37th Week of Pregnancy? 37 Weeks Pregnant

Dear expectant mothers, some babies move less as the time of birth approaches, while others continue to wiggle and move energetically until the big day, birth. So all situations are different for every baby. Therefore, it is quite normal for you to feel a decrease in the movements of the 37-week- The reason for this may be the lack of space in the baby, the more developed movement coordination of the fetus, and the decrease in amniotic fluid.

What Are the Changes in the Mother at 37th Week of Pregnancy? 37 Weeks Pregnant

The image of 37 weeks pregnant baby in the womb, the baby’s head is usually downward in the pelvis during this period. The beloved expectant mother may be the same size of the uterus 1-2 weeks ago. The average size from the pubic symphysis to the apex of the uterus is 37 cm, and approximately 16-17 cm from the navel. It is normal for a total weight to be between 11.3 and 15.9 kg during the 37th week of pregnancy. This weight is of course an average amount and the situation is different for every woman. Your doctor knows the best for you.

Things to Consider at 37 Weeks of Pregnancy 37 Weeks Pregnant

Contact Your Doctor Immediately In Case Of Bleeding During 37th Week Of Pregnancy Do not neglect your doctor’s controls during 37 weeks of pregnancy

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