39 Weeks Pregnant And Features of period

39 Weeks Pregnant-In the 39th week, your tiny baby will be approximately 48 – 53 cm in height and approximately 3000 – 3600 grams in weight. These are average values and your physician knows the most accurate values for you and your baby.

39 Weeks Pregnant And Features of period

During the 39th week of pregnancy, your baby’s weight may be under 3 kg or over 3 kg. So, your baby’s weight at 39 weeks can be 2750 grams or 4200 grams. Remember, the important thing is to be a healthy baby. In addition, your doctor knows the best as usual.

The growth of her beloved mother-to-be baby has slowed down, but her baby’s brain continues to develop rapidly at 39 weeks.

Even though all parts of your baby’s body develop and grow as they were when they were born, the biggest part of your baby’s body is still the head. For this reason, it is the healthiest ideal for babies to come from the beginning.

Most of the feathers, called vernix and quince feathers that covered your baby’s skin, have shed, but you can see the traces of these feathers when they are born. Fat under her baby’s skin accumulated enough to maintain her baby’s body temperature.

How Baby Movements Happen at 39th Week of Pregnancy?

Feeling the baby’s movements at 39 weeks of pregnancy has become very difficult. Because the mother-to-be has not much room to move in her belly. Therefore, it has become very difficult for the little baby to move, kick and tumble in the narrowed area towards recent times.

What are the changes in the mother at 39 weeks of pregnancy?

The 39-week-old baby’s posture in the mother’s womb during pregnancy is like a head lover. The fact that the baby’s head is in the pelvis now allows the expectant mother to breathe more easily, but it may make it difficult to walk. There are even some expectant mothers who waddle.

It’s normal to feel like a giant at this stage. Now your uterus has grown too large and filled its pelvis and most of its belly, and there is no more room to grow.

Therefore, the womb is now under the ribs. In this last month, the doctor will call for a check-up every 3-4 days, maybe every week.

Therefore, you will have to spend a lot of time on the doctor’s examination. By the way, you have to prepare yourself for birth.

You will probably feel very uncomfortable at this last stage of your pregnancy and again, you will probably think that this is why you don’t want to be pregnant again. But to make that decision, you have to wait for that glorious second when you hold him.

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