4 Weeks Pregnant and Features of Period

4 Weeks Pregnant-Dear expectant mother, the 4th week of pregnancy is determined as the beginning of the embryonic period. Starting from today, until the 10th week, all organs of your little baby will start to develop and some even work. And maybe you are still not aware that you are pregnant… Dear expectant mother, your placenta is in the process of formation and at the end of this week, it begins to transfer the nutrients in your blood to your little angel baby.

Meanwhile, the amniotic sac in which your tiny baby is developing has begun producing red blood cells. In this way, the placenta will feed your baby until it is activated.

What Happens in Your Body at 4th Week of Pregnancy?

Dear expectant mother, you can find out if you are pregnant within 4 weeks of pregnancy. In order to get a definite and clear result, it would be appropriate to wait for the end of this week and take a pregnancy test.

Dear expectant mother, if your pregnancy test is positive, so if you are pregnant, you can call your doctor and get your first prenatal appointment and go to the control.

However, many doctors do not make the first appointment before 8 weeks. However, if you have a problem in your health, if you have had a problematic pregnancy before, or if you have a suspicious situation that requires you to be checked, it is strongly recommended to call your doctor immediately.

4 Weeks Pregnant

If you are on medication or have other concerns, share or consult your doctor. In the period after the beloved mother becomes pregnant, your body’s need for folic acid will increase a little more.

The next 6 weeks in front of you, dear mother-to-be, will be very critical and very important for your baby’s development. The placenta and umbilical cord, which have fully completed their development, begin to take on their duties.

Everything you take into your body becomes a tool of the placenta and reaches your tiny baby. This will directly affect your baby’s health and development. Therefore, you definitely need to be very careful with your diet.

What Should Be Considered While Applying Pregnancy Test?

Dear expectant mother, start by checking the expiration date of your pregnancy test during the 4th week of pregnancy. If you store the pregnancy test in humid or hot places, it will be no longer functional. So you may need to buy a new one.

When you are ready to apply the test, beloved mother, carefully read the instructions for use and follow them. To get a more accurate, healthy and precise result, it will be better to apply it at the first urine discharge in the morning.

4 Weeks Pregnant

Remember, a negative test result does not necessarily indicate that you are not pregnant. If the line on your dear mother-to-be test strip looks faint, but your result is positive, it seems likely that you are pregnant.

To be sure, you can retry the test every few days. If your test result is positive again, congratulations, you are pregnant. Dear expectant mother, if the second test is completely negative, you may have had an early miscarriage, of course, this is the worst result. Physicians estimate that 20% to 30% of pregnancies end in miscarriage.

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