40 Weeks Pregnant And Features of period

40 Weeks Pregnant and What should be considered in the 40th week of pregnancy, ie in the last weeks?

40 Weeks Pregnant Is sexual intercourse entered in the last week of pregnancy? There are those who ask. Although physicians often do not recommend it, there is no harm in that. But you should keep this period short. In addition, you should definitely avoid movements that can cause pressure in the abdomen. Maternal nutrition in the last month of pregnancy is still very important, just like other previous weeks. You should continue to eat a healthy and balanced diet, and you should be careful not to gain weight in the last week of pregnancy.

You should definitely stay away from movements that will tire you apart from daily exercises. It is not recommended for the expectant mother to travel in the last weeks of pregnancy. If you encounter such a situation, you should definitely not act without talking to your doctor. Now you have to take care to make the bathroom sitting or accompanied by someone.

Exercises For Pregnant Women After 40th Week Of Pregnancy

1st- Stage Muscle Relaxation Movement During the 40th week of pregnancy, your beloved mother-to-be, starting from the head or feet, you can relax one muscle area at a time, that is, you can move towards other parts of the body in turn.

2.Touch Relaxation Movement The beloved father-to-be can make a few seconds of firm but gentle and light touches to the mother-to-be, starting from her temples, towards the neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands, legs and feet. The muscles in the areas that the beloved mother-to-be touched at that time will relax.

40 Weeks Pregnant

3.Massage Again, anyone who has been trained in spousal support or pregnant massage can do light massages on their back, shoulders, legs, arms to relax you. It can touch your temples and forehead in small circular motions. These massage movements support the relaxation of the muscles and the secretion of the endorphin hormone. There is a massage technique that will definitely be good for you without trying a few various attempts, and it is repeated in that way.

4. Guided Visuality Technique It will be good for you to imagine that your dear mother-to-be imagination takes you away and that you are in those places where you are very happy and loved very much, that are peaceful and relax you.

For example, a plateau with its lush oxygen, or an endless blue iodine-scented seaside, perhaps a colorful forest covered with trees with every fruit, or while you are caressing your belly with your little dog by a fireplace while reading your favorite storybook… Sounds, smells, colors, music… It may be useful to get help from these to relax.

40 Weeks Pregnant

5. Breathing Exercises Technique Dear mothers-to-be breathing exercises are the most effective and widely used method in order to reduce pregnancy-related complaints and facilitate the moment of birth. Therefore, you should do breathing exercises regularly throughout your pregnancy.

6. Meditation Technique Beloved mother-to-be meditation is a technique in which the mind and body technique, combined with attention-breathing, or repeating a word or phrase or a sound. With meditation, you can interrupt the negative thought stream that invades the subconscious. This also helps you relax.

What to do if there is no birth at 40 weeks of pregnancy?

You are 40 weeks pregnant, but there was no birth. It doesn’t mean it’s a problem. Almost half of all pregnancies exceed 40 weeks. And there are pregnancies that extend to the 41st or 42nd week. But your physician 42. It won’t let you pass the week. If the pregnancy is past 40 weeks, the nails and even hair of the fetus will be longer than they should be. Perhaps there will be no baby hair on the baby’s skin. In addition, babies who pass the 40th week of pregnancy are awake, open and careful.

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