8 Weeks Pregnant and Features of Period

8 Weeks Pregnant in this period, the length of your baby has already exceeded 1 centimeter, so we can say that the 8-week baby size is approximately 1.4 to 2 cm.

How is Baby Development at 8th Week in Pregnancy?

Dear mother, you are wondering how is your baby in your womb during the 8th week of pregnancy, right?

At 8 weeks pregnant, the tiny baby was the size of a raspberry or a kidney bean. Her tiny lips, tiny nose, eyelids, legs and back started to take shape in the 8th week.

How is Baby Development in the 8th Week of Pregnancy?

Their tiny arms and tiny legs are getting longer.
His small wrists, ankles and elbows are now clearly visible. Even now elbows and wrists can be bent
The eyelids of her tiny angel are forming.
His tiny ears, upper lip, and tip of the nose also began to take shape.
The baby’s heart function and circulation are now more developed. The heartbeat of an 8-week-old baby is exactly 150 beats per minute.
Well, if you ask if the 8-week-old baby moves, let’s answer the question. he is moving in the baby’s belly, but you can’t feel it yet.
In addition, if the 8-week gestational sac is visible but the heartbeat is still not heard, this should not worry you. If the 8-week baby does not have a heartbeat, you can wait another 1-2 weeks because each pregnancy is monitored differently.

8 Weeks Pregnant and Features of Period

As the pregnancy progresses and at the same time as the uterus grows, you may feel cramps and aches in the lower and sides of your abdomen. Therefore, abdominal pain is a normal symptom during the 8 weeks of pregnancy. Remember that the uterus stretches and contracts during pregnancy, this is quite normal.

Meanwhile, the placenta continues to grow and holds on to the uterus more tightly. This sometimes causes even minor bleeding that is generally considered normal. But still consult your doctor.

Never forget that every pregnancy and every woman is different. Even if there are symptoms of the 8th week in pregnancy, there are symptoms related to the pregnancy in general, it differs from mother to mother in terms of timing and severity.

Weakness is felt
Fatigue is felt
Becomes constipated
Nausea happens
Too much drool especially at night
There is indigestion
Gas happens
Stomach boils
Has a headache
Frequent urination
Vaginal discharge
There is tenderness in the breasts
Symptoms such as these appear as a general and normal condition that you will experience at different severities at different times during pregnancy.

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