Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy

Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy- It is a fact that as soon as you learn that you will have a baby, you will say “hello” to some changes in your life. It will pay more attention to your health, limit your movements and even your clothing style will differ in the future. Decisions about alcohol use during pregnancy can also be a habit change. Having knowledge about the effects of alcohol use during pregnancy, its problems and their causes will help you decide on this matter.

How Does Alcohol Affect the Baby?

Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy

alcohol affect baby

We know that almost every substance that enters the mother’s body has an effect on the baby. Alcohol affects the baby just like other substances. Alcohol is a toxin. For this, it reaches the baby quickly through the blood or placenta. As soon as alcohol reaches the baby, it immediately enters the bloodstream. This mixture spreads through the baby’s mechanism and has multiple effects. So, what are the effects of drinking alcohol during pregnancy on the baby? Increased probability of preterm birth or miscarriage, Poor development in the mother’s womb, Facial disorders.

In the period after birth;

Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy

Learning impairment

Difficulty speaking

Lack of attention,

Weakening in memory,


How Much Alcohol Should Be Taken During Pregnancy?

Ideally, no alcohol is used during pregnancy. Nothing can be said about the extent to which alcohol consumption is safe for pregnant women. In other words, nothing can be stated about the alcohol dosage during pregnancy. The alcohol ratio of each preferred drink is different and the effect of alcohol may vary from body to body. .-Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy-

Ways to Make It Easy to Give Up Alcohol

Alcohol addiction can make it difficult to change alcohol habits during pregnancy. But it is inevitable for anyone who wants to have a healthy pregnancy to make such a decision.

In addition, the use of alcohol can be controlled with simple practices that the expectant mother will make. Here are suggestions for expectant mothers who will control alcohol consumption;

Plan your life well.

Make your plans weekly and don’t spare time.

Consider alternatives other than alcohol in your moments of stress and nervousness.

Soft music, a warm bath, exercise, beauty treatments will be good for you.

If you miss the drinking ritual, you can use non-alcoholic beer or wine during dinner.

It’s not a bad thing to tell your surroundings about this problem.

The support of your spouse and family and their not drinking alcohol with you can be a relief.

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