Polio in Children Problems and Solutions!

Polio in children- Poliomyelitis, also known as polio, caused by viruses, is a very serious disease. Sometimes it can cause bad results. Let’s see what’s important about polio…

What is Polio?

It is called poliomyelitis in medicine, occurs in children under 5 years of age.

How Is Spread?

This virus is common in areas with poor hygiene and is more contagious. It is transmitted from person to person. Generally, those who come into contact with the person carrying the virus take this virus into their bodies.

It is transmitted to individuals under the age of 15 and especially under the age of 5. However, it also occurs in adults.

Poliovirus continues to survive for a long time through feces outside the human body in places where the infrastructure of the cities and also the sewage systems are poor, mostly not developed in hygiene. Therefore, it can easily become an epidemic in such cities. This epidemic carries serious risks, especially for young children.

Poliovirus is more common in the months of high temperature and in places with mild climate.

What Are The Ways To Prevent ?

Polio vaccine should be applied in 2 ways.

Oral Polio Vaccine (OPA)

The method of administration of this vaccine; It is made by giving drops orally. The reason for oral administration is to prevent the virus that will settle in the throat and intestine.

How Many Drops of Vaccine Should Be Given?

In the 6th and 18th months of the little babies, 2 doses should be given by OPA drop.

Inactive Vaccine (IPA)

Polio Vaccine in Adults

Many people need this vaccine because it was already vaccinated as a child. But some adults are at risk. These people are;

People who need to travel to certain parts of the world
Laboratory and healthcare workers who will face the polio virus one on one
Healthcare professionals treating patients with polio
These people are vaccinated 1 or 3 times depending on the dose rate they have been shot in the past. polio in children

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Who Should Not Get Polio Vaccine?

In severe allergies

Severe allergies after a dose of vaccine

If you are allergic to one of the ingredients of this vaccine

What Are The Side Effects Of Vaccine?
It is known that oral vaccine should not be administered to children receiving cancer treatment. In addition, the vaccine made in the arm has no known side effects.

What are the Symptoms

Polio has symptoms that cause paralysis and not paralysis when it reaches the nervous system.

Non-Paralytic Symptoms (Non-Paralytic)
Also It can take 1 to 10 days. It has flu-like symptoms.

Fever in a child

On the other hand Throat ache

· Also Nausea


· Headache

Abdominal pain

Also Meningitis

Listed as fatigue.

Paralytic Symptoms (Causing Paralysis)
Severe muscle pain

Sagging and loose limbs

Also Reflex loss

Sudden paralysis can be permanent or temporary

Deformed limbs.

How to Treat ?

However, there is no cure for paralysis in the arm or leg. The paralysis that occurs will be permanent and will prevent walking.

Supportive Treatments for Polio Patient

Pain relieving drugs
Muscle relaxants
Bed rest
Respirators for respiratory support
Physical therapy support for walking support

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