Anemia in Babies and Its Treatment

Anemia in babies and anemia in children, ie iron deficiency, are common conditions. It is a condition that should be prevented before anemia occurs in infants and children. Dear parents, how to understand anemia in babies and anemia in children?
Anemia is a disease that affects the growth and development of the baby and the child, and even the whole life of the individual, from the future school success. Iron deficiency can be a problem that seriously affects the development and growth of infants and children.

How Does Anemia Work?

It is a condition that occurs when the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin falls below the values that should be appropriate for the age of the individual, either together or separately. As a result of the decrease in these values, the rate of oxygen transport of the blood and the amount of oxygen that can reach the tissues decrease.

Therefore, unless the hemoglobin level falls below the value of 7-8 g / dl, no significant symptoms will occur. Many symptoms will only be evident when they fall below this value.
It occurs as a result of a decrease in the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin or a decrease below the standard value of the values appropriate for the age of the individual with the disease. The person’s body will need iron to produce hemoglobin. Due to iron deficiency, the body cannot produce enough hemoglobin for red blood cells.

Iron Deficiency Anemia

It is a disorder that negatively affects both the intelligence, physical and psychological development of children, especially in the developmental period. For these reasons, iron deficiency in children ─░S ─░MPORTANT

Causes of Anemia in Babies

The most important reason for anemia in babies and anemia in children is malnutrition from foods containing iron.
Babies who continue to be fed only with breast milk do not have iron deficiency in the first 6 months. Because the iron in breast milk is very easily absorbed. Not taking breast milk.
Receiving insufficient amount of iron when baby starts to supplement after 6 months

To prevent anemia problem in babies; It is absolutely necessary to continue breast milk until the age of 2.
Avoiding foods containing iron when switching to additional foods
In children, the biggest cause of anemia is that the child does not get enough iron due to wrong or malnutrition.
Other Reasons Are These
Having intestinal polyps or some intestinal parasites
Cow’s milk allergy

Intense nosebleeds
Cracks in the breech area
Excessive and irregular menstrual bleeding in girls.
Inability of the body to produce enough red blood cells
Loss of red blood cells due to bleeding
The body’s destruction of red blood cells in a shorter time than normal.

How to Understand Anemia in Babies and Children?

Pallor in the eyelids
Paleness in the palms
Pale sole of the foot
Pale lips
Fatigue, weakness
Headache and dizziness
Inability to gain or lose weight
Shortness of breath
A desire to eat soil occurs

Lack of attention
There is a decrease in the body’s resistance to infections.

Causes of Anemia Should Be Eliminated

In order to be able to treat anemia, it is necessary to determine the underlying causes and start treatment accordingly. For example, in people with heavy menstrual bleeding, anemia can become a serious problem after a while. Due to this situation, the quality of life of people is seriously affected.

Things to Take Care of Against Anemia

Animal foods should be consumed. Animal foods such as liver, meat and fish should be consumed regularly. Vitamin C is one of the vitamin groups that you should add to your diet during anemia. Fruit or freshly squeezed fruit juices with high vitamin C levels should be consumed.

Your physician should manage all treatment

Especially during the anemia period, consumption of beverages such as tea and coffee should be restricted.


Vitamin B12 treatment may be required. In order for red blood cells to be produced, the body must have vitamin B12. Deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body also causes anemia in people.

Folic acid treatment may be required. The human body also needs folic acid, such as B12, to produce red blood cells. When folic acid is deficient, blood cell production decreases and anemia becomes a problem.

Dear parents, Thank you for reading our article on Anemia in babies and its Treatment.What we have written is for informational purposes only, and if you have any questions, please consult your doctor.

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