Constipation After Cesarean Section

Constipation After Cesarean Section-Along with the joy of the baby’s birth, mothers may also experience some temporary postpartum discomfort. One of them is constipation. Many mothers face constipation problem after cesarean delivery. There are various causes of constipation, which is a challenging situation for a mother who has a postpartum recovery period.

Some of these reasons are as follows:

Weakened pelvic muscles during pregnancy, The presence of iron in some supportive drugs taken during pregnancy,

Not meeting the daily water needs, Applied anesthesia makes the muscles lazy,

The progesterone hormone, which increases during pregnancy, decreases intestinal activities,

Lack of appetite in the mother after birth.

Even if it is not experienced during pregnancy, intestinal problems may occur after birth. However, this is not a cause for concern. Postpartum constipation can pass within 3-4 days. There are practical methods you can apply to reduce the discomfort and relieve constipation during this period.

What Is Good For Constipation?,

Constipation after cesarean is a condition that can bother mothers. With practical methods you can apply in your daily life, you can accelerate the recovery of constipation problem after cesarean section.

-Constipation After Cesarean Section-

Consume Water

Water consumption is very important both for constipation and to meet the increasing fluid needs of the nursing mother. Drink a glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon on your empty stomach every morning. Also, consult your doctor and consume herbal teas such as chamomile and fennel during the day. This will help relieve constipation as well as relieve your tiredness.

Prefer Fiber Foods

Another important answer to the question of how constipation passes is to make the consumption of fiber foods a diet. Despite being indigestible, fiber creates bulk in your digestive system to keep food moving through your body. It absorbs water, helps soften stools and facilitates their passage. Therefore, be careful to consume fiber-rich vegetables and fruits such as pears, figs, okra and artichokes. Also, make dried fruits such as prunes and apricots a part of your daily diet.

-Constipation After Cesarean Section-

Do Not Forget

Not relieving the need to go to the toilet because of the fearful activities will force the sewing can also prevent constipation. Prolonged constipation can be a cause of abdominal pain. Do not delay your toilet needs to get through this process painlessly. Gently rest a pillow against your stomach and avoid tension in your stitches.

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