Gas Problem in Babies and Solutions

Gas problem in babies is a situation that causes very stressful, tiring and sad moments for fresh parents. Gas problems usually start between 2 and 3 weeks after birth and sometimes last for 1 month, sometimes 4 months, sometimes longer. Among the gas problems, the symptoms seen in the baby can be encountered with numbers such as crying attacks, restlessness, sleeping or waking up by jumping at certain times of the day. Take it easy Dear parents, these days will pass only for a while, the gas problem in newborn babies is a condition that heals spontaneously. In this process, it may be easier for mother and baby to overcome by taking only few precautions.

What Are The Measures That Can Be Taken To Eliminate Or Reduce Gas Pain?

If the baby is nursing the mother, the mother should pay attention to her feeding against gas problem.
Breastfeeding mother should eat 6 meals a day and not skip meals.
She should consume an average of 4 liters of fluid. Because fluid consumption will provide milk support to the mother.

It would be correct to consume beverages such as freshly squeezed fruit juice, compotes, milk and ayran in order to support liquid consumption.
You should have a diet rich in calcium. For example, foods such as yoghurt and cheese should be emphasized. Because the developing bones of the baby while breastfeeding will reduce the calcium rate of the mother, the mother should be supported with calcium in this regard.
During breastfeeding, products that may cause an allergic reaction to the baby should be avoided. Because these products can increase the existing gas pain even more.

Avoid Packaged Foods!

Packaged ready-to-eat foods should be avoided if possible.
Since spicy foods will cause gas shortage for both mother and baby, these foods should be avoided.
Delicatessen products should be avoided if possible, as they may pass through the milk and cause gas problems.
Since vegetables such as cabbage, onion, broccoli, cauliflower will cause gas, you should be careful when consuming them and avoid too much.

Massaging your baby’s abdomen with your hand will relax him.
Sometimes a walk with a stroller or stroll with a car can be good for your baby. Because as you move, the gas in the body goes into motion and this excursion gas can cause relaxation.

Dear parents, Thank you for reading our article on Gas Problem in Babies.What we have written is for informational purposes only, and if you have any questions, please consult your doctor.


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