Home Precautions For The Baby and Solutions

-Home Precautions For The Baby-Babies explore all the rooms and places you cannot imagine, especially during their infancy. Many parts of the house that seem safe are dangerous for babies. Therefore, families should take some precautions at home for the safety of their babies

Here are the dangers in the home for babies and the precautions that can be taken

The most active period of babies is their infancy. Instead of restricting the movements of your baby who wants to touch everything, it is beneficial to take every precaution for his safety.

Sockets are the places that babies are most curious about. It is extremely dangerous for babies to play with the sockets. For this reason, cover the socket covers and outlets sold in the market. You can use child safety locks to prevent the lockers and drawers from opening and pinching your baby’s fingers.

Also, fix the cabinets to the wall so that they do not fall over. Attach protectors to the corners of pointed furniture such as coffee tables to prevent babies from hitting their heads.

Again, buy locks that are sold in the market so that they don’t open the windows If there is a ladder in your house, put obstacles in front of it.

Keep sharp tools such as knives and pens that can harm babies in locked drawers. Do not keep small items such as coins and beads that babies can swallow in the middle and in areas where they can reach out.

Flammable tools such as lighters and matches are dangerous for children of all ages. Put all flammable items in drawers out of the reach of infants. In case of drowning, necklaces, pacifiers and so on. be careful not to hang things up. Against poisoning, do not leave the drugs in the open and keep them in lockers.

Home Precautions For The Baby

Read the labels of the toys you buy for your baby and let them play after making sure they are age-appropriate.

Baby safety in the bathroom

Put the cleaning supplies in the bathroom out of the reach of the baby.

Do not leave the tub in the bathroom filled with water.

Again, empty the buckets filled with water when you are done.

Put stabilizers under them so that bath mats and rugs do not slip. Place beauty items such as perfumes and deodorants in cabinets out of reach of babies.

Never leave appliances such as blow dryers and shavers plugged in. Install tools on the taps in case of hitting the head.

Baby safety in the kitchen

Home Precautions For The Baby

Never leave your baby alone in the kitchen against possible accidents. No matter how careful you are, your baby can be in a situation that will put himself in danger when he is alone.

Try not to let your baby into the kitchen while cooking, even if you do, take care that it does not wander around your feet.

Keep sharp objects such as forks and knives out of the reach of children. Place cleaning materials such as detergent in lockers.

Keep items such as curtains and tablecloths away from flammable items such as stoves and ovens.

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