What is kindergarden age ?

Nowadays, children spend most of their time at home. Therefore, pre-school education institutions are becoming more and more important.

How important is the nursery for our child?

Nowadays, children spend most of their time at home. Therefore, pre-school education institutions are becoming more and more important. In such institutions, children discover their personality with their peers and develop their self-confidence. In addition, the necessity of sharing, cooperation and being in a social environment; They can also gain skills such as waiting in turn, taking responsibility and planning. His belief that the world can be a safe place, even if he is far from his parents, is developing and gaining self-confidence. They also have an important opportunity to prepare for school and their mental development is very important. Pre-school education is necessary if family and social environment cannot provide these opportunities. kindergarden age pre school

Adaptation process

Starting kindergarten makes a big difference in a child’s life. It is quite natural for them to be anxious and show behavioral changes in this new environment. (kindergarden age)

If the child starts to cry when he is left in the nursery in the first days, the families think that separation from the child in this way will create trauma for the child. But they should know that this is a natural process and that it is done for the good of the child. This situation should not be seen as a threat or traumatic, since separation from their parents is in the developmental period when they want to socialize.

Many questions may arise in the minds of children as well as parents that may cause anxiety about the daycare center. Parents should answer questions verbally and behaviorally, and tell them what to do in the nursery every morning. This situation will be effective in reducing the anxiety and uncertainty in the child. At this stage, families should be reliable and consistent in what they say and do, and should use positive language in their discourse.

After the first adaptation

While the child was going to school with enthusiasm ,

you can suddenly see that he no longer wanted to go to school. This is more dangerous than the difficulties of initial adaptation because it is stronger. One of the reasons for this is; The new and colorful environment he entered in the first days, the toys were attractive, but they may have gotten bored from this environment over time. Another reason may be that the teacher who behaves better than normal has started to introduce stricter rules in order to facilitate his adaptation to school. Also remember that this problem can be solved by the close and positive communication with the child by the family.

How important is the nursery for our child?

Normal reactions that may occur during the adaptation process
During the adaptation process, the child may react such as not getting off the lap of the parents. He sometimes does not let them go from the nursery, and not sleeping at noon in the nursery. kindergarden age

Are there any factors that our child will face in his / her adaptation to daycare?

Families should not have high expectations from their children in the short term. It should be noted that this is a time-consuming process.

There has been a significant change in the life of the child. He started to share all the attention he has had until this time with many children. The priority of the family in this process should be the adaptation of the child to the nursery.

There should be no change in the daily life of the child and the daily home routine of the child should not be disturbed.

The child should be a little more free in the nursery in the first days. He can be able to do whatever he wants. Teacher should not force the child to participate in group activities.

Saying that it is time to go home when the child is most enjoyable on the first days of the kindergarten can have a positive effect.

In this way, the child, who has not yet gotten enough of the game he plays with his friends, will start to dream of the next day. -kindergarden age-

How important is the nursery for our child?

While the children grow up, the common attitudes and rules shown by the family significantly affect the child’s development and adaptation to the nursery. If parents are not consistent and committed, children may lose respect and trust towards parents.

Parents should take a joint decision on the kindergarten as well as in all matters and proceed in line with this decision. In addition, the positive approach of the parents towards the child is also important. It is not right to punish a negative behavior in the nursery at home. In this case, the child will not gain positive feelings towards his teacher.

Starting daycare at the beginning of the year will be more beneficial for the child’s adaptation. It is wrong to make comparisons among children on daycare adaptation. Each child is unique and may require a special treatment.

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