What Increases Breast Milk

-What Increases Breast Milk-Dear mothers, you did everything you could to ensure that your baby was born in a healthy way. After your little baby is born, you should continue your life properly. Your biggest assistant in this matter will be your milk.

The benefits of your beloved breast milk will make your little baby healthier and you, as a mother, will enjoy the happiness and pleasure of breastfeeding. You will also witness how breastfeeding heals you during the postpartum period. Sometimes, by saying what increases breast milk, you may worry about your baby’s inadequate milk supply, or if your baby is not full.

What Increases Breast Milk?

It is normal to research ways to increase breast milk during such periods. If you want your milk to increase and are looking for answers to questions such as which foods increase breast milk, what increases breastmilk fastest, what the nursing mother should eat, what the nursing mother should eat, foods that make breast milk, breast milk and breastfeeding, we suggest you take a look at our suggestions …

What Are The Suggestions That Increase Breast Milk For Nursing Mothers?

1-Consume plenty of fluids!

Dear nursing mothers; If you think about what increases breast milk, you should not forget that the most important factor that increases the nutritional and quantity of breast milk is the consumption of plenty of water. You should consume at least 2-3 liters of water during the day and supplement the fluid you lose after each breastfeeding with water.
Support your liquid needs not only with water, but also with freshly squeezed fruit juices. In other words, you can supplement with natural drinks that increase breast milk and at the same time increase your milk quality.

2-Take a little more patience to diet!

Dear nursing mothers; Do not even try to lose the weight that you gain after the birth because these kilos were taken for a wonderful baby and he is sucking now and you should not go on a postpartum diet for the health of your milk.
Adequate and varied nutrition will increase the amount of breast milk. It will also support you in losing your excess weight.

3-Do Not Neglect Protein Consumption!

Dear nursing mother, you should use vegetable and animal protein sources while meeting your daily protein needs. Broccoli, boiled potatoes, spinach and green beans are among the most nutritious vegetables in terms of protein.

Apart from these, you can meet your protein needs with legumes such as dry beans and green lentils.

4-Eat Fruits, But Absolutely Consume Fruits That Are In Right Season!

Dear nursing mothers; You should take care to consume seasonal fruits in season. There are plenty of chemicals in fruits that are not in season.

If these fruits are consumed without chemicals, they are included in the list of foods that increase breast milk.
5-You Are In A Period When You Should Not Distinct Food!
Dairy products, grains, pulses, nuts, meat products, fruits, vegetables… You should be present on your table from every food group and take care to consume them in proportion.

Calcium is very important for the nervous system and muscles to function in a healthier way and to protect bone and dental health. In addition to calcium-rich dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, almonds, sesame seeds, green leafy vegetables and spices such as thyme are among the foods that will meet your calcium needs, so consume them in abundance.

Apart from meeting the need for calcium, green leafy vegetables regulate blood circulation.

It also strengthens your immune system.
Highly sugary foods or drinks will return you weight. In other words, dessert consumption does not contribute to milk production. When you crave it, it would be good to meet your sweet needs with milk desserts and fruits. In this case, you can both meet the nutritional values ​​you need and prevent your calorie intake.

Keep foods with high nutritional value such as barley, olive oil, fennel, flaxseed oil, sesame oil black sesame, cumin, basil, dill, garlic, oatmeal in your meals.
Orange-colored vegetables and fruits such as pumpkin, apricot, melon and carrot are rich in beta carotene, so they support your diet and milk. It helps you close your vitamin A deficit. In addition, beta carotene is a very important vitamin for strengthening the immune system of you and your baby and plays a great role in immunity.

6-You Need to Rest and Avoid Stress!
Although it is not possible in the first place, there is plenty of rest among the things you need to do in order not to decrease breast milk. Unfortunately, fatigue and stress can cause your milk to be low, even if temporarily. Good sleep is one of the most important factors that increase the amount of milk. While your baby is sleeping, you should rest at every opportunity. Adjust your own bedtime to suit your baby.

7-Make Your Baby Suck From Both Your Foods And Never Give Up Breastfeeding!

Dear breastfeeding mother, strained breast and incomplete breast may slow down milk production. For this reason, after one breast is breastfed, switch to the other breast and breastfeed it.
Dear nursing mother, breastfeeding at night will increase your milk production. Our elders did not say in vain to increase your breastfeeding… If your baby is not waking up, breastfeed him asleep or expressing and storing your milk are among the solutions you can use to increase your milk.

Dear mothers-to-be, even if your baby switches to supplementary food after the 6th month, you should continue to breastfeed your baby until the age of two. Even until the age of one, the main food should be breast milk. If you continuously breastfeed your milk and milk it where necessary, you will not face a problem such as cutting your milk, on the contrary, you will increase it.
While breastfeeding , you should not make a scissor movement to the breast to get milk, this may cause clogging of your milk channels. If you breastfeed by holding your breast with the letter C on the top and bottom and gently squeezing, your milk will not be clogged.

8-NO Alcohol, NO Smoking, NO Stress

You should never smoke or consume alcohol during breastfeeding. You should also avoid caffeinated and carbonated beverages. Instead, you can focus primarily on water and healthy drinks that increase breast milk and are healthy.
Do not use birth control pills as it will create a new restructuring in your hormonal balance. Also, do not use birth control pills while breastfeeding, as these pills may reduce your milk production.
You shouldn’t rush to breastfeed your baby. You can breastfeed in the most comfortable position for you and your baby until your baby stops. In this way, you also relax, rest, communicate with your baby and your milk production will be positively affected.

Finally, Consume Fluids and Get Away From Stress!

Dear nursing mother, the more you breastfeed your baby, the more abundant your milk will be. You should only give breast milk to your baby for the first 6 months after birth. Do not give your baby additional food ahead of time, but if you do, the additional foods you give may reduce your baby’s breastfeeding and this will negatively affect your milk production. You can breastfeed frequently, without waiting for your baby to cry for milk.
You can drink herbal teas sold in the market that support the health of breastfeeding mothers, support their nutrition and meet their increasing fluid needs.Dear nursing mother, lastly and most importantly, definitely stay away from stress. Breastfeeding with love is the fastest factor to increase breast milk. We wish we could answer your question, what will increase breast milk.
Dear parents, Thank you for reading our article What Increases Breast Milk .What we have written is for informational purposes only, and if you have any questions, please consult your doctor.

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