Is Your Baby Ready for Toilet Training?

The timing of toilet training depends on your child’s developmental skills and, of course, willingness. For many children, 1.5-3 years old is the appropriate time for toilet training.Therefore, some experts do not recommend 0-2 year old toilet training. They recommend starting after the age of toilet training

On average; girls gain toilet training by the 29th month and boys by the 31st month. Approximately 98% of children will have completed toilet training by the age of 3. If toilet training is delayed, problems such as constipation or urinary retention may occur in your child. Despite normal development, toilet training given at the age of 4 and over is considered delayed.

What is the best time for toilet training?

To start toilet training, the most important thing to consider is to find out if your child is ready to drop the diaper. If your answers to the 10 questions below are mostly yes, you can start the exercises.

1-Does the diaper stay dry for 1 or 2 hours a day? Does your child sometimes wake up dry in the morning, but not always?

2-Can you estimate stool time? Is there regularity in defecation – for example, after waking up every morning or just after breakfast? In the meantime, let’s specify immediately; Regular defecation may not be so for every child. However, if your child has regular bowel movements, this will give you an advantage in toilet training.

3-How about your child’s increased attention to urine or feces? For example, is he going to a corner and crouching, trying to give notice by raising his voice or changing his facial expression while pooping? When urine flows between her legs, does she notice, point, or indicate your discomfort?

4-Can he understand and follow simple guidelines? Can he express his needs?

5-Does it know the concepts such as dry-wet, dirty-clean, up-down?

6-Does he / she know toilet-related terms such as pooping, peeing, flushing, butt?

7-Is it uncomfortable with the diaper? Does she want to wear underwear?

8-Can he lower his pants and underwear, can he pull them up? Can she lift her skirt?

9-Curious about the toilet habits of your friends or other family members? Is he watching them to the toilet, following them, wondering what they are doing, trying to imitate?

10-Is it about staying clean and dry? Curious about being tidy? Does he not want his gold to stay wet, does he demand that his diaper be changed? Also you can read our article about nursery

Is Your Baby Ready for Toilet Training

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