Milk, chocolate and nuts allergies that can be experienced in the feast …

Milk, chocolate and nuts allergies-The incidence of food allergies is increasing worldwide. The candies, chocolates and sweets we consume as a tradition of Ramadan can poison the feast by triggering the allergies of both adults and children. Dr. Emphasizing that food allergies do not have an age of onset warned “We should consume carefully the sugar, chocolate and sweets that have turned into a festive tradition” .

nutrients contain allergens

Stating that food allergies generally start at childhood, but the probability of occurrence in adults has increased in recent years. Dr. Akpınarlı said, “ Food allergies usually start at childhood, but allergies have the potential to start at any age. Milk, eggs, wheat, nuts, seafood, sesame, soy and cocoa are among the most common food allergy foods.

As a result of our traditions, the sugars, chocolates and sweets with desserts contain a lot of allergens mentioned above. Sugars, chocolates and sweets with more than normal milk flavors may cause allergic reactions during holidays.


Results can go up to anaphylaxis shock

Stating that the most dangerous allergic results are seen in nuts allergies, Assoc. Dr. Akpınarlı said, “The most dangerous of the allergic reactions that can be seen during the feast are the allergic reactions due to dried nuts, which can be seen depending on the nuts contained in the desserts. Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening systemic reaction. Should be intervened quickly or it could have serious consequences. ”

Let’s consume everything in his decision

Stating that excessive consumption threatens human health at every point, Assoc. Dr. Akpınarlı, “In order for adults and allergic children to experience unexpected, sudden, allergic reactions during the feast, individuals who know that they have a certain amount of sugar,

Milk, chocolate and nuts allergies chocolate and dessert consumption, not to overdo it and most importantly, they are allergic to all kinds of sugar, chocolate and the dessert must know the content well and the labels must be read well ”.

Findings of food allergy

Listing the findings that can be seen after consuming allergic foods. “Itching on the lips, mouth and skin, throat, tongue, lips, eyes and face swelling, skin rash, hives, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea can be seen, as well as shortness of breath, low blood pressure, fainting and shock Serious symptoms like “may be experienced.” Milk, chocolate and nuts allergies


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