Pregnancy and COVID-19 Does it pass to the baby?

Pregnancy and COVID-19 Does it pass to the baby?- Coronavirus is a virus that can cause disease in humans and animals.

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Little is known about coronavirus infection and its effects during pregnancy. Infection has not been reported in the womb or in the post-pregnancy period. With this recently reported issue from China, it seems that the first publication, including 20 pregnant women and pneumonia due to coronavirus, has not been found in 18 of the viruses. Infection was found only in two babies. On the 17th day after the first baby was born, after tight contact with the mother who had the infection, the other was detected in the baby 36 hours after birth, but the source of infection was not clear.

Protection, diagnosis and treatment for COVID-19 pregnant and pregnant women

The disease is likely to be more severe in this group, although it is not very different in those who do not. The American Obstetric and Gynecology Association states that isolation research and evaluation is required for babies born from mother diagnosed with COVID-19.

It is not yet clear whether the virus will pass from breast milk to pregnant. . But it is likely that it can pass with saliva with very close contact. Breastfeeding mothers should definitely take the necessary precautions, wash hands frequently, use a mask while breastfeeding or milk and feed the milk.

COVID-19 infection is very few cases in which we will determine the effects on pregnancy and fetus.

It can be suggested that this virus is associated with fever due to its symptomps in general, and that infections, especially in the first trimester, may pose a low, fetal anomaly and preterm birth risks on the fetus.

World Health Organization It has been suggested that breastfeeding should not be stopped even if the mother is sick, so that the patient’s mother should be washed and put on a mask before breastfeeding.

-Pregnancy and COVID-19 Does it pass to the baby?-

We recommend that pregnant women and nursing mothers not to transmit COVID-19 ‘just like flu and other breathing. As well as preventing contamination of tract infections, careful attention to hand hygiene and washing hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, alcohol-based hand disinfectant should be used if there is no water or visible contamination.

Things to do for hygiene;

– Do not rub your eyes, nose and mouth without washing our hands.
– Wipe your nose while coughing and sneezing or cover with your arm.
– Symptoms of illness, cough, sneezing, shortness of breath etc. Avoid unmasked contact with people like.
– If you are sick, do not leave the house, even if you have to leave, wear a surgical mask.

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