Sleep Disorders In Babies

One of the biggest problems that mothers and fathers experience in newborn babies is sleep patterns and sleep disorders in babies.

One of the biggest problems that mothers and fathers experience in newborn babies is sleep patterns and sleep disorders in babies. This problem turns into a blind knot, especially as new parents do not know how to deal with such situations.

In this article, we will share with you the causes of sleep disorders in your baby and the techniques of sleeping your baby.


Experts, stating that newborns should be awakened every 2-3 hours during sleep hours, recommend that this situation be quitted after the second week if your doctor has not said anything otherwise. However, if your baby is constantly waking up outside of breastfeeding or feeding, there may be some reasons for this. –sleep disorders in babies

For example, babies who wake up due to colic pains in the early days may have problems with their sleep patterns.

Due to reasons such as teething, seeing the scary events in the daytime again in dreams, and cutting breast milk.

In addition, if you are in a crowded house and there are many guests, this may cause your baby’s sleep to be interrupted. Resisting sleep due to the desire of babies to spend more time with their parents can also be shown among the reasons for the deterioration of their sleep patterns.


Interrupting your baby’s sleep at night means that you and your baby will be sleep deprived,

and this will affect you as much as it will affect your baby. There are a few things you need to do for your baby who wakes up at night.

First of all, you should go to your baby when he / she cries, and you should take your baby out of the bed for a while and check whether their physical needs are met. –sleep disorders in babies

First of all, you need to make sure your baby is full. If your baby is hungry, feed them. A full baby will fall asleep more easily. Then you can check that the bottom is not wet and that the temperature of the room where he sleeps is suitable for your baby.

We suggested that you take your baby out of the bed for a while, but even if the baby immediately wakes up from the bed for a short time, it may disturb the sleep more. For this reason, you should avoid too much light and noise while meeting their physical needs.

In addition, your baby will not want to sleep in his own bed, as it will become a constant habit for the baby after a while. This can cause sleep problems, remember this.


Sleep is extremely important for your baby to grow and develop in a healthy way, as explained in our lullaby, which continues as “Lullaby in its spell in its spell, lullaby in full swing…”.

It is a known fact that babies who do not have sleep patterns are healthier in terms of weight and health. So, what should be the total number of hours of sleep your baby should sleep during the day? We will now explain the answer to this question for you. Total sleep hours should be an average of 18 hours per day for newborn babies. After the 6th month of your baby, usually 10-12 hours of sleep will be enough for your baby. If there is no problem with your baby’s sleep patterns and sleep hours, remember that your baby will grow up in a healthier way. Also, do not forget that if your baby sleeps well below or above the hours mentioned above, you should definitely contact your physician. –sleep disorders in babies


Daytime sleep is very, very important for babies and especially mothers. We have written above that especially newborn babies sleep 18 hours a day and night. For this reason, you should remember that newborns, babies sleep and wake up without distinction between day and night.

However, you should know that newborns will sleep longer at night after the 2nd month and their daytime sleep will be shorter. After your baby is 15 months old, daytime sleeps will usually decrease from two to once. And this will be enough for your baby’s sleep patterns. It should be kept in mind that noon sleep is not very necessary after the age of 4 and every baby’s daytime sleep time may differ. While some babies will be able to get their sleep with 15 minutes of sleep, some babies can sleep for 2 hours, so don’t think that there is a problem. Remember that every baby will be different, just like every person and individual.


For babies, it is extremely important that the environment they sleep in is suitable for your baby.

It should be your priority to pay attention to the temperature of the environment where your baby sleeps to be 20 – 22 degrees.

In addition, the quiet and dimness of the room where your baby will sleep will make a great contribution to your baby’s longer and more peaceful sleep.

If your baby’s bed is safe, the edges are soft and the cover is cotton, your baby’s sleep quality will increase considerably. –sleep disorders in babies

In addition, if you do activities such as wearing pajamas for your baby’s sleep pattern and reading a book to him,

it will be easier for your baby to get used to the sleep pattern and sleep time.

Having your baby’s sleep pattern is an extremely important issue that needs to be addressed,

as it means that you will not be sleep deprived. You should remember that not all babies will be the same within the information we have provided above. –sleep disorders in babies

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