Suggestions for Normal Birth and process

-Suggestions for Normal Birth-Normal birth is a method where mothers live each moment and witness the moment of birth. Normal birth, which is the most preferred option among birth methods, makes expectant mothers quite excited. Mothers who feel the pain from the very beginning to the end of the process can go into the recovery phase very quickly after birth. Of course, there are things to be done in normal birth in order to overcome this process in the most painful and smooth way. Here’s what you need to do step by step:

Before Birth

It is very important to get medical support from the first weeks of pregnancy. If you know everything about what conscious birth is or is not, you will not leave unnecessary fears and worries in this process. Knowing the hospital where you will give birth will make you very comfortable. After 9 months and 10 days, you can give birth at any time. Since this situation does not have a clear hour or day, choose a hospital you trust close to your home. Movement facilitates the opening of the cervix, as it releases oxytocin in your body. That’s why exercising while you’re pregnant will be very helpful during labor. But exercising with a big stomach must be difficult. However, you can take a lot of walking in the last weeks.-Suggestions for Normal Birth-

Normal birth

During Birth

Start breathing exercises as soon as you feel your labor pains. Don’t panic right away, your spasms can also be false labor.

-Suggestions for Normal Birth-

If these contractions continue frequently for short intervals, this indicates real pain. If you have not yet arrived at the hospital during labor, try to stay in an upright position.

We understand that you need a bed; but sitting in an upright position will relieve your pain a little. At the beginning and end of the contractions, breathe deeply through the nose and exhale rapidly. When the pain is at its greatest, breathe more lightly through the mouth only. This will make you very comfortable during labor. Do not hesitate to shout during birth. Experts and people around you who say that breathing and accompanying sounds are very natural reactions will understand this. So behave the way you are comfortable.

After the birth

Those who give normal birth recover quickly so that they can return to their normal lives in a very short time after birth. For this reason, you can start early to postpartum exercise and sports. This will help you both recover faster and get back to your old forum. Your stitches dissolve spontaneously after a normal birth. You need some time for this. You should be sensitive to the sewing area and maintain the hygiene of the area. After birth, the so-called lochia bleeding lasts for about a month, don’t panic. Be sure to stick to the date indicated by your doctor regarding normal postpartum sexual life.

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