The Effect of Sleep on Intelligence Development in Babies

-The Effect of Sleep on Intelligence Development in Babies-

The Stanford Research Institute has published a study showing that the most important factor affecting the success of young children in mathematics and literature.

Research also proves that children whose sleep is regulated express themselves better than others. Quality sleep is among the top factors affecting child development between the ages of 0-3.

Especially the ability to sleep soundly at night provides important advantages to children in terms of both mental and physical growth.

The Effect of Sleep on Intelligence Development in Babies

For example, during the sleep period known as REM sleep, brain connections that reinforce the knowledge and skills that children learn during the day are activated.

Growth hormone, which determines physical growth in children, is most secreted during sleep. Children with insufficient growth hormone secretion due to insufficient sleep fall at a disadvantage in the development of many organs, muscles and bones.

What you need to know about your child’s sleep patterns

In the first year of life, a baby needs 13-14 hours of sleep per day, 10-12 hours at night. (Some babies may be watching a little above or below this average)

Even though the total need for sleep decreases by 1 hour in the second year of life, it does not fall below an average of 11-12 hours even at the age of 4-5. If your child is not getting enough sleep, serious problems with mental development and physical growth may arise.

As a result of insufficient sleep, there may be problems with hormones that determine other bodily activities other than growth hormone.

For example, your child may be eating more than it should and tending to useless foods with high calories because of the problem with the hormones that determine hunger and appetite.

The Effect of Sleep on Intelligence Development in Babies

Lack of sleep can also cause a decrease in motor skills and attention capacity during the day and, as a result, more behavioral problems and retardation in learning.

Most children need more sleep than their parents anticipate.

Signs that your child has a lack of sleep may be things like restlessness and moodiness during the day, falling asleep in the car all the time. If your child is very active before bedtime or shows signs of fatigue long before bedtime, there is a problem with your sleep patterns.

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