The Right for Potty Training and solutions

-The Right Time for Potty Training- Dear parents, the time when children feel their own bodily sensations, can explain their needs, learn to take responsibility for these needs and learn about their special limits is the right time for toilet training ( Potty Training).

Meanwhile, the moments the child puts on pee and poop are very different from those of adults. Children show great interest in objects in their bodies. Just as children’s bodies are important, everything that comes out of their bodies is very valuable.


Children usually start using bladder muscles between the ages of 2-3. However, night control usually completes between the third or fourth years.

Dear parents, your child’s toilet training -Potty Training-can begin around 18-24 months, when he starts gaining control over the bladder muscles. However, you should cooperate with your child for toilet training.

Dear parents, urinary incontinence is not only in children, however, your child will have developmental disorders such as language disorder, sleep disorder, motor retardation, attention deficit and behavioral disorders. Apart from this, fecal incontinence and anxiety disorder can also be seen. In these cases, treatment should be started before the age of 5-6.

The method of treatment varies

according to the physical factors of the child, the age of the child, the frequency of the problem, the consequences of the problem and the importance of the treatment.

The answer to the question of when to give toilet training is that it should be given before the age of 2 and a half… All trainings after this age are the age group that leads children to wet their diapers.

Causes of Child Wetting:
Causes of Child Wetting: Biological Factors
Genetics, Bladder problems, problems with the sleep stages of the child, developmental problems of the child, hormonal problems of the child and urinary tract infection of the child

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