Premature Baby Care- Things to Consider

Premature Baby Care-The normal pregnancy period lasts between 38 weeks and 42 weeks. When the premature baby is born, it will be under observation in the hospital environment for a while.

Body Temperature Should Be Considered In Premature Babies!

Hypothermia, that is, a decrease in body temperature, may be observed in your baby. The reason for this is that your baby’s subcutaneous fat layers are not yet mature. That’s why they get cold more quickly than babies born on time. In order to prevent the body temperature from falling, the size of the clothes you buy for your baby should be suitable for her body and should fit all over her body nicely. If you do not dress your baby in suitable clothes, the premature baby will use more energy to warm itself and therefore slow down the growth rate and prepare the ground for more problems in the future.

Be Sensitive About Visitors!

Premature babies need all kinds of care and protection much more than normal babies. In particular, you should explain the situation to your visitors who will come to you after they come to your home and warn them not to come if necessary. Premature babies are vulnerable to all kinds of infections. Because their immune systems are not fully developed yet. Therefore, visitors who will come to your home should know this situation very .
It should be preferred that the toys in your baby’s room are washable, dust-free and lint-free.

You Should Pay Attention to Apnea in Premature Babies!

Apnea, which is very common in premature babies, occurs due to the immaturity of the brain and the weakness of the rib cage muscles. If the respiratory pauses are shorter than 5 seconds and resolve on their own, this is a physiological situation. However, if there is a state of bruising and weakness on your baby’s lips with respiratory arrest for more than 10 seconds, this is pathological. You need to consult your doctor immediately.

Your Hands Must Be Hygienic!

Your hands should be always clean. One of the golden rules to prevent your baby from getting infections is to have hygienic hands. Especially before touching your baby and after cleaning the bottom, you should clean your hands thoroughly. It is very important to cut your nails regularly and not to wear jewelry against the risk of infection in premature baby care.

Nutrition and Sleep Arrangement Important!

Premature babies will want to sleep all the time. When the feeding time is prolonged, your baby will be more tired and will need more sleep. For this reason, you should pay attention to the time you spend for feeding, and adjust your diet and sleep patterns well. During the day, you can play soft music in your baby’s room with a low voice.

You Should Take Care of Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin!

As with all newborn babies, the skin of premature babies is very sensitive and delicate. Especially in premature babies, since the cartilage bones (ears) are still in the maturation phase, it will be beneficial to change your baby’s lying position at maximum 3 hours and to support the sensitive areas with materials such as towels and pads.

Eye Care Must Be Carefully Done!

Adhesions, discharge and burrs may occur in the eyes of premature babies. Of course, if you encounter such a situation, it will be useful to see your doctor. Eye care must be done with sterile water. In order not to infect one eye with another, you should not apply the gauze you applied to one eye to the other. During the premature baby eye care phase, if there are conditions such as redness in your baby’s eyes, a yellowish discharge, edema, you should suspect infection and consult your doctor immediately.

You Must Be Sensitive In Oral Care For Premature Babies!

. You need to pay attention to whether there are white particles on your baby’s palate and tongue. If you encounter white particles, you can wrap a gauze cloth on your little finger and clean the thrush areas with sterile water. But of course, when you encounter such a situation, your priority should always be to consult your doctor.
Dear parents, Thank you very much for reading our article titled “Things to Consider in Premature Baby Care”.What we have written is for informational purposes only, and if you have any questions, please consult your doctor.

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