Ways to increase breast milk and food Recommendations

Ways to increase breast milk and breast milk foods that increase the resistance of the body of our baby for giving, information on snacks and drinks.

Our mothers mother’s milk the baby will come after worry about whether enough of the lap and enters into Curiosity. What are foods that increase breast milk for this reason? What are foods that reduce breast milk? What are the food that makes breast milk? is seeking the answers to such questions.

Firstly, we must say that our baby is a weight between 600 and 1200 kg should receive regularly each month if your milk if your baby is sufficient.

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What Are The Ways To Increase Breast Milk?

Maybe a new mom who wants to learn or excitement with this title drifting on a mother feeding her baby only breast milk is not enough milk for now and give more notice or a wonderful mother who you looking for ways to increase mother’s milk tea from reaching the soil with our kitchen, we fruit, food and drinks our milk at the same time we’re with our Boost pill Information article.

The miracle of life, babies need all the nutrients that mother’s milk alone meets. At the same time milk are protecting our body against diseases and increase the resistance of our puppy which we cherish. For this reason, breast milk milk and obtain information about foods and beverages that increase our child’s health, and we want to learn ways to increase mother’s milk.

First, we need to me know it very well that we need to consume enough fluid to produce sufficient breast milk. Drinks 8 to 12 glasses per day to increase mother breast milk should increase your liquid consumption with water consumption.

Ways To Increase Breast Milk

  • All to increase the milk of nursing mothers stay away from foods that cause gas in the baby during the lactation period of 4-6 months, especially should pay attention to methods dining; your meals is to eat slowly and chew well.
  • The ways to increase breast milk, most important is to pay attention to the food items we consume.
  • One of the ways to increase breast milk and reduce the milk, is to stay away from situations that. Breast milk reduces the most important is the lack of relaxation. We should get ample rest in order to increase breast milk, baby when we sleep we sleep, and we must get a healthy night’s sleep.
  • Throughout the period of breastfeeding, smoking and alcohol intake never, and our own health and our baby’s health is very important for the mother’s milk as it may help to increase.


  • We know the paths to increase breast milk can be provided with correct feeding. The letter C on the side of your breast from the top and from the bottom by squeezing gently and breastfeed and that breastfeeding will be formed so that the movement of the scissors may come to the breast milk when we shouldn’t. Our channels can lead to clogging of milk to breastfeed with the movement of the scissors.
  • Our babies drinking breast milk for 6 months for 6. We cut out milk so we have to continue to breastfeed after the month we will meet as a problem as we would have made a significant contribution to the formation of milk.
  • A boob to the nipple after nursing our baby to increase breast milk other method.
  • If we want to make a positive impact on the formation of milk, our baby in a comfortable position quick breastfeed and we shouldn’t be.

“The baby sucking in the breast during breastfeeding to fall asleep while breastfeeding always it is a sign of getting better.”

6 Foods That Increase Breast Milk

Breast milk begins to occur as birth approaches, and ‘increases in direct proportion with sucking a baby’ knows the answer to the question of what should nursing mothers eat an adequate and balanced feed, enough liquids, stay away from stress as they rested at frequent intervals and breast-feed your baby breast milk to the ‘quantity’ and ‘quality’ increases.

One of the ways to increase breast milk are the foods you should consume. In this context, food that increase breast milk together 6 important study.

1. Yesil Who Breastfed Leaf Foods

Spinach, nettle, kale, red chard with dark leaves, such as Yesil vegetables, they contain the vitamins and minerals needed to help you get extra calories when they feed on in a healthy way.

The phytoestrogens in the content also are used in the production of hormones we need to excrete milk. Therefore, Yesil vegetables, how much to consume at a rate that we will increase the amount of milk.

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Yesil Leafy Vegetables To Increase Breast Milk

2. Increase Breast Milk Et

All restorative body are proteins in meat products. after birth, our body of meat that needed to be consumed to strengthen the pack up and at the same time will help to eliminate postpartum blood loss iron deficiency, depending on that can live. Repairs that provides this “meat” will increase the quantity and quality of milk of nursing mothers.

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Steak Increases Breast Milk

3. Mother’s Milk Increases, How? Increases With Fish

The consumption of fish in the mother’s diet is very important. Which will pass to the baby through breast milk and in fish, omega-3, DHA, EPA is one of essential for the baby’s development.

The most important issue that we need to be careful while consuming fish with high-mercury containing fish and freshwater fish will run out of We are not sure stay away from. Swordfish, large fish such as tuna and shark because they contain high mercury. Sardine, anchovy, horse mackerel fish with low mercury fish such as a ratio.

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Mercury-Free Fish, Milk Increases

4. The Milk You Give Your Baby Fruits Replicates

Increase raw fruits instead of eating dinner and drinking breast milk is much better method to make compote. Because raw fruits, in some cases, gas can in breast milk.

Pear, quince, Fig, fresh white grapes, mulberries, apricots, dates and milk is also beneficial for strengthening our immune system and increase fruits such as fruits.

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Foods That Increase Breast Milk

5. Increase Breast Milk Hummus

Chickpeas, tahini, garlic, olive oil and lemon prepared with hummus, the needs of a lactating mother contains all the nutrients! Protein-rich hummus, because it is to help stop the production of milk are among the items you need to consume food.

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Increases Milk Hummus

6. Oats Boost Breast Milk

Oats has a very important place in terms of the benefits to the body. Searching for foods that increase breast milk during lactation while at the same time our mind from this perspective we can get your weight gain excess weight that will pass in front of oats a healthy food item.

Increased immunity, energy supplements can be present at bedside during lactation in terms of eliminating problems such as constipation and our food is the ideal food.

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You Can Increase Your Milk By Eating Oats In The Morning

At the same time you can season it with our mothers, who want to eat sweet fruit syrup, or can use breast milk beneficial by making carrot cake. Walnuts, hazelnuts and nuts such as almonds contains very rich oils to increase mother’s milk are among the foods we consume our meal since Dec.

6 Drinks To Increase Breast Milk

To increase breast milk the most basic beverage is water. Because Mother’s milk is 87% water is composed of. Naturally, the mother should drink more water than normal during this period of the milk to increase the amount of water to drink is very important. For example, a lactating mother should drink 3 or 3.5 litres per day.

“Breastfeeding your baby your milk for 5 minutes after stopping milking will be useful”

If you have a lot water with you in this case that we should take as much water as the amount of liquid that increase breast milk from 2 liters of a natural beverage you can get in the remaining part 6:

1. Carrot Juice

Yesil vegetables, such as carrots also contain beta carotene and vitamin A that is rich in phytoestrogen. When you drink carrot juice and your vitamins will be effective in providing the energy you need and feed will improve the quality of milk.

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Milk, Carrot Juice Increases

2. Fennel Tea

Dried fennel seeds in boiled water you can consume in the form of tea by brewing it. One of the best benefits of fennel, milk and pass to the baby and mother mingling with your baby as it is good for digestive problems.

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Who Doesn’t Know That Fennel Tea Increases Milk

3. Quince and apricot compote

Quince who is a member of the Rosaceae family is very rich in vitamins and minerals that we increase the amount of milk is inevitable. Besides, it is the apricot compote which we can consume vitamin store.

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Ways to increase breast milk and quince compote

4. Soup

You will make soups with legumes or fresh vegetables according to the season and strengthen your immune system and also your milk supply will increase and fluid will suit your needs.

Maden Suyu

5. Malt beverage

To help promote the release of milk and barley malt-like beverages you can enjoy by taking advantage of the property of being produced. High-calorie malt beverage to consume because it is on day one it will be enough.

Süt Artıran Alkolsüz Malt İçecek

Milk Increases The Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage

6. Mineral water

Yes, mineral water is among the drinks that increase breast milk. The content contains most of the minerals that the human body requires magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium) mineral water is a drink that is also beneficial to the health of the skin when consumed regularly.

Our baby that we do not forget our beloved mothers how to breast-feed when breast milk will be efficient. Unless faced with a major health issue and I would recommend only breast milk for the first 6 months.

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