Breast Milk to the Skin and benefits?

-Breast Milk to the Skin-Breast milk is a substance that has many benefits not only for your baby but also for your skin; It moisturizes your skin and removes dryness, removes acne in your body, heals eczema, reduces under-eye swelling, dries acne. In this article, we share with you the benefits of breast milk, which is miraculous in all aspects.

What Are The Benefits Of Breast Milk To The Skin?

Dear mothers; The benefits of breast milk, which is a completely natural miraculous food, do not end with counting. For example, you can make your skin care with breast milk. Yes, you did not read wrong, the name of your skin care product is breast milk! You will benefit from its many benefits by applying breast milk, which is a food that will undoubtedly contribute to the beauty of your skin, as well as to the healthy development of your beloved baby, both on your own skin and on your baby’s skin if you wish. Here are the miraculous benefits of breast milk to the skin;

It will be very good against your acne.

Breast milk is for you if you want to have a skin like a baby. It will help you have a younger appearance by tightening your skin.
If you have been exposed to too much sunlight, you don’t have to worry. Because breast milk is very effective in the treatment of sunburn and in the same way, it also removes the spots caused by sunlight.
Breast milk is far better than even the best blemish cream products available ready-made for blemishes on your skin!
It is used to instantly relieve the pain and itching that occurs after any insect bite.
It is the most natural product for your baby’s diaper rash. When you open your baby’s diaper, you can protect against irritation and diaper rash by applying a small amount of breast milk to the area with diaper rash.

It is very useful for eliminating eczema.

Breast milk is an excellent moisturizer for stretch marks that appear on your nipples and is also very useful for repairing stretch marks!
Breast milk has cell renewal properties.
If you want to get rid of the dead skin on your skin, breast milk is just for you. Breast milk exfoliates your skin and
It serves to destroy skins.
We recommend that you try breast milk to remove wrinkles on your skin.
Breast milk is a great product for cleansing the pores on your skin.
If you want to prevent acne formation on your skin, we definitely recommend you breast milk.

Eliminates Acne and Dries

Experts have discovered that lauric acid, an ingredient in breast milk, has antibacterial and anti-acne properties. Waiting for it to dry by applying breast milk (or a mixture of breast milk and coconut oil) to your acne area can help clear up the acne.

Face Mask With Breast Milk

It may be helpful to try a face mask made with breast milk and bentonite clay. You can buy bentonite clay from the internet or from pharmacies. Mix the breast milk and clay until you have a thick but spreadable paste. Apply the paste on your face and let it dry. When the mask dries, leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then wash your face. You can make this mask 1-2 times a week to get rid of rough skin and to help calm irritated skin.

Treats Nipple Sores

Nipple sores are a very common complaint among women. Almost 3/2 of the women suffer from this issue during their lifetime. It is more common in mothers who breastfeed their babies. 80% of breastfeeding women experience nipple pain and wound discomfort. If you apply your milk on the wound, you can help relieve pain, prevent infection and contribute to healing.

Thanks to its antibacterial and healing properties, breast milk also treats nipple sores. Apply a few drops of breast milk to the nipple before breastfeeding. After breastfeeding, apply a little more milk and then let it dry completely. Repeat this process for the other nipple. Apply this application several times a day until your chest pains disappear. You will see the benefits of breast milk to the skin!

Applies Peeling to Your Skin!
To make a thick paste of breast milk, mix it with lemon juice and granulated sugar first and then rub it on your face and décolleté. Wash it off after 10-15 minutes. Do this application twice a week.

You Can Treat Your Warts!
Vitamins and minerals in breast milk can help dry and shed warts on your skin. If you apply breast milk on the wart, your warts will dry and fall off.

It Eliminates Rash In Your Baby!
Breast milk, which helps fight infection and soothes the skin, is the best and easiest way to relieve your baby’s diaper rash. Also, there is no risk of allergic reactions to breast milk that could worsen the condition.

Breast milk has excellent healing properties. Simply apply the breast milk over the diaper and let it dry before putting a new diaper on your baby.
Helps Hurt Wounds!
Breast milk helps heal cuts, burns and wounds and prevent them from becoming infected. Breast milk accelerates the healing process in the body with its natural moisturizing properties. Wash the affected area first with clean water. Then apply breast milk on the rashes and wait for it to dry completely.

A Healing for Eczema!

Among the benefits of breast milk to the skin, there is also a cure for eczema. If your baby has eczema, breast milk can be used to get rid of eczema. It acts with its antiseptic, antimicrobial and calming power. Apply room-temperature milk to the affected areas. Babies have sensitive skin that can cause eczema to develop and dry easily. With these properties, breast milk can eliminate eczema in your baby.

Cures Acne In Babies!
Acne can occur in newborns right after birth or a few weeks later. These types of acne usually resolve on their own, but breast milk can help pimples disappear and your baby’s sensitive skin can recover. Lightly dampen a cotton ball with breast milk and gently rub it on your baby’s face, where your baby has acne. Natural ingredients found in breast milk can help cleanse the skin. The benefits of breast milk to the skin are a natural miracle!

It Can Be Your Natural Face Makeup Remover!
Breast milk can clean your make-up beautifully without clogging your pores. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it both cleans your make-up and keeps your skin clean. You can pour some breast milk on a cotton ball and use it to wipe off your makeup.

How to Make a Mask with Breast Milk?

2 tablespoons of breast milk
1 egg yolk
Put the yolk of 1 egg separated from the white in a bowl and whisk the egg well. Immediately after, add the breast milk into the egg yolk. Apply the mixture that you have prepared to your skin. Leave the mask you applied on your skin for 15 minutes. It will be useful to cover your skin with a thin cloth during this wait. You will start to see the benefits of this mask, which you will apply twice a day to your skin, over time.
Dear parents, Thank you for reading our article the Benefits of Breast Milk to the Skin? What we have written is for informational purposes only, and if you have any questions, please consult your doctor.

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