5 Age Syndrome Problems? How to Solve?

5 Age Syndrome? What are the developmental characteristics seen in children at the age of 5? In this article, we will talk about some of the changes that started to be seen in children at the age of five.

When Does It Start?

This period, which we can also call the school age, is a period when intensive work will begin and rules will enter the child’s life. With kindergarden, the child who sees that he has to obey certain rules goes into a tight change. Although the physical and psychological developments that vary from child to child show differences, the 5-year-old child generally shows common characteristics.

What is Age 5 Syndrome?

When children enter this period, they start to socialize much more. The friendships gained at school, combined with the child’s increased self-esteem, the child begins to follow the adult state. The 5-year-old child starts to communicate much more during this period. Self expression is improved. Increased language development, writing development and even reading development make it freer. A 5-year-old child begins to find solutions to the problems around him. It would be correct to call this difficult process in which it is tried to communicate with its peers as 5-year-old syndrome. Of course, not every child does not have a problem in this period. In fact, children who are well understood by their family and who are well communicated often do not experience any syndrome.


During this period, families should follow the child’s development process well, be able to get down to his level, understand him and be in good communication with him. Again, the more stimulating environment offered to children in this age period, the more positive the child develops. It is a need to know nature, to know people, in short to discover the world. Again, of course, games play the leading role… We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we say that play is almost the life goal of the child. Children who learn through play tend to be moderate. Again, the TV programs watched should be suitable for the age of the child. Because 5-year-old children take what they see and hear.


First of all, it is worth mentioning that this is not a disease. This is a natural process. Your child learns life, socializes and it is normal for him to experience a mental change in the face of these changes. Here are some of the signs of this period;

More frequent symptoms such as anger, anger, emotionality

-Wants to play with their friends without you

-It is like a teacher. He wants to explain what he has learned.

-It makes an effort to prove it. It shows you when it does something, when it succeeds. Support him. The support given to the child at these moments will be very effective for his development.


5 Age Syndrome

First of all, you should ask yourself. How I would like to be treated if I was a child. Empathy is very important. I think we would all want parents who understand us. Who cares about us… listens to our little problems as if they are very important.

Actually, the key role is in you mothers and fathers. Your child may have destroyed the world because his toy was broken. But he was so dear to him as a play. Imagine you have a car and left you in the middle of the road or someone came crashed car pert. Isn’t it nice?

This is exactly your child’s mood. Because just as the car is very valuable to you, that little toy is for him. So the first requirement is empathy. It is very important to be understanding to children during this period. Approaching a crying and angry child with anger will only increase their anger and make you think you don’t care. He may not achieve everything, but do not praise his success, praise his effort.

-Give choice. It is quite wrong to compare. Especially with their peers. Wouldn’t you like it if they compare you? In fact, when we look at the work from our side, everything is understandable.

What is 5 Age Syndrome

Age 5 syndrome in children is not unsolvable. The hardest thing to solve is the lack of communication and understanding in a 5-year-old child.

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