When and how is the exact pregnancy determined?

Working women who do not conceive with the dream of becoming a mother wonder about pregnancy symptoms and whether there is a definite pregnancy. Pregnancy tests that result in pregnancy generally give an accurate result. But making a definitive judgment for pregnancy becomes clear only by your doctor’s test result. It is the first ancient blood test to be positive. Then the gestational sac should be seen. Here are the symptoms of pregnancy …

The process after fertilization of the egg in the womb is the earliest pregnancy result. There is no certainty of pregnancy due to the increase of hormones in this period, but it can reveal the evidence of pregnancy by giving different signals in the body. Here are the symptoms you may experience in this period…


PIECE DELAY: One of the most common symptoms of pregnancy is menstrual delay. If one or more weeks have passed since an expected menstrual period, you may become pregnant. However, if there is an irregular menstrual cycle, this can be misleading.

Puffiness in the breasts: Hormonal changes in the early period of pregnancy, may cause tenderness and pain in the breasts. When your body adapts to hormonal changes, the discomfort will normalize in a short time.

Stomach Bulletin: Usually, sudden vomiting may occur in the first month of pregnancy. Some pregnant candidates do not experience nausea, while some candidates may start earlier.

INCREASED URINE AMOUNT: You can urinate more than usual. The amount of blood in the body increases during pregnancy and allows your kidneys to process the extra fluid left in your bladder.

FATIGUE: Increased progestoren levels in early pregnancy can cause intensity and sleep. Also, fatigue is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy.

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