Why does the host cause babies? How should the mansion be cleaned in infants?

Host is a very common skin condition that causes redness, scaly spots and dandruff in newborn babies. So, why does the host cause babies? How should the mansion be cleaned in infants? Why does the host cause babies?

What is a mansion? Why does a host cause babies?

Konak is a simple skin problem that affects babies. It is not a worry and usually resolves on its own, although it tends to start on the baby’s scalp; It can also be seen in areas such as skin folds, including forehead, face, eyebrows, armpit or behind the ear.


How to clean the mansion?

Why does the host cause babies?

It is more likely to occur in the first 3 months of life and disappear until the age of 1. Oily scales and crusts, which appear white or yellow on the skin, sometimes appear as a slight rash. Allergies, which come to mind most often, do not actually cause a host, although their causes are not fully determined. Although it bothers the family in appearance, it does not cause itching and discomfort in the baby. Sometimes fungal infections can develop in the affected area.

Signs of infection are:

If the skin looks red, fluid leaks from the crusts, the affected area feels hot and smells unpleasant, consult a doctor for an infection.

At home To get rid of your baby’s mansions faster, apply an oil, which you get the advice of your physician suitable for baby use, to the hosted areas, and after 4-5 hours, gently comb the baby with a comb without applying pressure without removing the baby from the shower after washing with baby shampoo suitable for use. And wash it once more with water to remove the peels. You can apply this procedure as many times a week as needed. However, if the hosts do not decrease or the appearance changes, your physician will apply the treatment with a suitable medical cream.

Why does the host cause babies?

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