11 Weeks Pregnant and Features of Period

11 Weeks Pregnant mother While your baby’s height is approximately 4 cm at the moment, this process will accelerate in the coming weeks and your baby will double in size.

What Happens in the 11th Week of Pregnancy?

During the 11th week of pregnancy, baby height is 4 cm on average. However, its development is accelerating and after a week it will be twice as long as it is now. 11 Weeks Pregnant
In the 11th week of pregnancy, during the baby’s development process, your tiny baby’s brain, lungs and kidneys took their places and started working. However, all organs will continue to develop until birth. Your little baby can now suck, yawn and swallow. This is very good news.
Your baby can breathe in the amniotic fluid in which he swims and urinate at the same time.

Dear expectant mother, your little baby will be able to open and close his hands soon as his fingers are separated, and you can see this under the supervision of a doctor. He will also be able to hold his feet and umbilical cord with his hands.
Your little baby has learned to kick and loves kicking.

Time to Supplement Calcium at 11th Week of Pregnancy

Your baby has entered into a rapid development process at 11th week of pregnancy. The need for calcium has increased because it is very important for your baby’s bones that grow, grow and strengthen, and for your teeth and bones. 11 Weeks Pregnant

Dear mother, calcium plays a role in the development of your little baby’s nerves and muscles. And calcium helps your muscles work healthy. It regulates your baby’s heartbeat and allows his blood to clot.

Examples of foods that can meet your calcium needs;

Consume dairy products, prefer pasteurized milk
eat cheese, yoghurt
consume almonds and sesame seeds

beans and legumes

What Are the Foods That Should Not Be Consumed During Pregnancy?

Although there are benefits of consuming seafood during pregnancy, eating some types of fish will be inconvenient during pregnancy. Fish is a rich source of protein and Omega 3. It is beneficial for the eye and brain development of your little baby. 11 Weeks Pregnant

Dear mothers, it is not recommended to consume unpasteurized soft cheeses, raw or undercooked meats, delicatessen meats and also products containing raw eggs.
Dear expectant mother, alcohol can easily reach your baby through your bloodstream. And even one alcoholic beverage a day will increase your baby’s risk of having problems. Therefore, it is absolutely inconvenient to consume alcohol.
Ready-made juices are not recommended.

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