21 Weeks Pregnant and Features of Period

21 Weeks Pregnant-Your baby is approximately 18 cm in height and approximately 300 grams in weight.

21 Weeks Baby Movements

You can feel the movements of your baby starting from the 21st week of pregnancy. These first movements are a source of relaxation and entertainment for most women. You can feel him kicking and punching, jiggling, sobbing, somersaults from 20-21 weeks.

However, at this stage of pregnancy, it is also normal to feel the baby’s movements one day but not the other day. You don’t have to worry about that. Fetal movements become more stable from the 28th week. Then it would be wise to follow the movements on a daily basis and watch over his condition.

Changes in the Mother at 21 Weeks of Pregnancy

In addition to the growing uterus, other parts of the body continue to grow and change.

Swelling is seen in the legs, feet and ankles, especially at the end of the day. If you stand up a lot, you may find that your feet are less swollen if you stretch out and rest during the day. Drinking plenty of water will also reduce bloating due to edema.

Nutrition at 21 Weeks of Pregnancy

Some women suffer during pregnancy, some are disgusted, and some do not have any food-related reactions. Craving can affect some critical aspects of nutrition. 21 Weeks Pregnant

If the food you crave is a nutritious food, you can consume it in moderation. If you crave foods high in fat, high sugar and empty calories, burn. You can taste it a little bit, but you shouldn’t consume it by getting carried away. You can go for a snack like fresh fruit or cheese.

Baby’s Arrival Worth Celebrating!

You will have friends who want to buy you gifts before your birth, and perhaps many of them will get something similar. Instead, our suggestion is to make a list of needs and organize a baby shower party! Sure, a friend can edit this for you. 21 Weeks Pregnant

Don’t forget to take lots of photos today! You can ask the people attending the party to take it, or consider getting help from a photographer.

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