23 Weeks Pregnant and Features of Period

23 Weeks Pregnant- Your baby will be approximately 20 cm in height and approximately 455 grams in weight. These are average values ​​and your physician knows the most accurate values ​​for you and your baby.

Your little baby is gaining weight and getting chubby, but his skin is still very wrinkled. The reason for this is that the skin develops faster than the oils of the skin and does not have enough oil to fill the inside of the skin, in other words to keep it taut. But don’t think, you oils will come from behind, everything has time.

23 Weeks Pregnant

The hairs covering the body of the beloved mother-to-be baby are getting darker and darker from time to time.
Her tiny baby’s face and body began to look like when she was born.
The angel’s lungs are also developing, so it prepares him for life outside. In addition, the veins in his lungs continue to grow to prepare his baby for breathing.
The little angel does breathing movements, but these are his trial movements. Because it takes oxygen from the placenta, it will be like that for a while, even until birth. Because there is no air in the lungs until your baby is born.

What are the changes in the mother at 23 weeks of pregnancy

Dear mother, the uterus is about 3.75 cm above the navel. Over time, your belly not only grows but also gains a round appearance. We call it winning because the world’s gene is the era of magnificent weight gain. 23 Weeks Pregnant

But it should not be forgotten that this amount of growth occurs at different rates in each expectant mother. Therefore, never compare yourself to other pregnant women or those who commented on you in the past. The constant change and growth of yourself and then your baby is important to you. As your tiny baby grows, so does the formerly tiny placenta. Along with these, the amount of amniotic fluid also increases. As your pregnancy progresses, your uterus gets bigger and heavier and gains weight.

You Should Pay Attention To Sodium During Pregnancy!

You should be careful about sodium intake while pregnant, dear mother-to-be. Too much sodium will cause your body to retain water. This will cause you to feel bloated. I think try to avoid foods that contain too much sodium or salt. For example, you should avoid products such as pickles, salted nuts, pre-packaged foods, processed or canned foods.

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