3 Month Old Baby Development

Physical Development of the 3 Month Old Baby

3 Month Old Baby. When held and raised under the arms, when taken in the lap, he can stand upright. Also controls his head, keep his head upright, but still needs to support his head. In the 3rd month, their hands begin to attract the baby’s attention and they move their hands more often, enjoying watching their hands they move.3 Month Old Baby

3 Month Old Baby’s Movements

This month, the baby can lift his head and hold it for a while, with support from his elbows and arms. The baby’s head and back stand upright compared to the previous months. The baby, whose legs are constantly moving, can pull his feet towards his stomach while lying on his back. It can come to a sitting position when it is pulled by the hands while lying on its back, but it is not healthy to sit the baby for a long time yet.

3 Month Old Baby Emotional Development

This month, the baby prefers to have people around and cries when alone. He feels uneasy this month, as he did in the months before the sudden and loud noises, noise and shouts around him. When a baby is crying or uneasy, taking care of him and calming him, hugging and kissing him is very important for the development of confidence and learning to calm himself.

Mental Development of a 3-Month-Old Baby

It is very important for the mental development and language development of the baby to tell the baby the names of these objects and to explain what they do. This month is quite early for the baby to speak and understand everything that is said, but the foundations of language development are laid.

Allowing the child to touch the objects around, introducing their smells and sounds to him, allowing him to recognize appropriate objects by mouthing stimulates all emotions of the child and strengthens learning. When he sees them, his excitement and movement and the start of his sucking reflex is an indication that he has recognized these objects. In the 3rd month, the baby starts to explore his body. He watches as he moves his hands and feet, puts his hands and fingers into his mouth and sucks.

3 Month Old Baby Eye Development

The baby, who can see objects 15-20 centimeters away, starts to watch these objects in the 3rd month. He can turn his eyes from one object to another without turning his head, and he can start making eye contact with the person who is interested in him. This month baby’s eyes are very sensitive to light. It is especially important to reduce the light ratio of the environment where he sleeps.

Nighttime Feeding of a 3-Month-Old Baby

In the 3rd month, the baby needs to be fed at night, but it is important to understand whether the baby is really hungry and to feed accordingly. If the baby wakes up at roughly the same time and is hungry to suck with appetite, it is a sign that he wakes up because he is hungry, but if he wakes up at irregular intervals and does not suck too much, it can be thought that the baby is using the breast or bottle as a relaxation tool and sucking out of habit. This month, the baby should be fed as in the morning and fed whenever he wants.

How should a 3-month baby sleep pattern be?

The baby spends most of the day sleeping this month as in previous months. The baby’s daily need for sleep is about 14 hours. As nighttime sleep begins to prolong, the time the baby stays awake during the day begins to increase. The time a 3-month-old baby spends awake can take up to 1 and a half hours. It is necessary to make sure that the sleep pattern, which has a very important place for baby development, is formed in line with the needs of the baby and observing the baby well.

Sleep Training in 3 Month Old Babies

The 3rd month is quite early to start sleep training. There is no need to give sleep training to the baby whose day-night perception has not developed and who needs a long daytime sleep and night feeding. It is necessary to wait another month or two before starting the sleep training of the baby.

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