31 Weeks Pregnant and Features of Period

31 Weeks Pregnant Your tiny baby will be approximately 40 – 45 cm in length and approximately 1500 – 1600 grams in weight. These are average values ​​and your physician knows the most accurate values ​​for you and your baby.

During the 31st week of pregnancy, the weight of the tiny baby will gradually increase. The tiny baby gains 1300-2300 grams more weight until birth. 31 Weeks Pregnant

The reproductive system of your baby will continue to develop in the 31st week of pregnancy. If your baby is a man, his testicles will leave the part next to the kidney and move to the testicles through the groin. If your baby is a girl, her clitoris will become more prominent. 31 Weeks Pregnant

Although the lungs of your dear mother-to-be baby are well developed, they are not fully mature yet. Babies born at 31 weeks of age may need to stay in an incubator for 6 or more weeks. These babies will need a breathing apparatus to breathe.

Since your baby’s brain development matures more than a few weeks ago, the risk of bleeding is now lower. Her baby’s brain has now begun to process incoming information, follow light, and perceive signals from all five senses.31 Weeks Pregnant
Dear mother, the baby falls asleep longer than before and sleeps in the so-called REM sleep. Dear mom, you can probably distinguish between the times your baby is awake and asleep more clearly.

How Baby Movements Happen at 31st Week of Pregnancy?

Mothers notice the changes in the frequency and intensity of the movements of their babies. In the 31st week of pregnancy, the movements of your cute baby may decrease. This inactivity can increase in the later stages of pregnancy. Especially after your tiny baby’s head falls on the pelvis, there won’t be much space in your womb to move your baby.

Also, as the pregnancy progresses, babies establish their own movement and sleep patterns. Therefore, you will feel that there are periods of increasing or decreasing mobility between one and three hours.

Feeling a decrease in the movements of your baby who is still in the 31st week of pregnancy may sometimes indicate umbilical cord or placenta problems. But don’t worry. Since you are constantly under control, pass with your doctor and he will give you the most accurate information.

Dear mothers if you think that the movements of your little baby are different, and if you are worried, you should definitely share this with your doctor. Your doctor will ask you a few questions; He will ask you when he felt the last movement and how many times he felt it in the last few hours. It will be best to make these measurements and contact your doctor.

How Should be Nutrition at 31st Week of Pregnancy

Do you know the name of salmonella ? These bacteria can cause mild to severe stomach ailments. There can be many sources of Salmonella bacteria. For example, it is found in raw eggs and poultry. These bacteria are damaged when you cook the food, but you will need to take additional precautions.

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