38 Weeks Pregnant And Features of period

38 Weeks Pregnant And Features of period-Baby weight at 38 weeks of pregnancy may increase by approximately 200 grams compared to the previous week. The time that the beloved mother-to-be will spend in her baby’s womb is decreasing. It will be in your lap after 4 weeks at the most. Her tiny baby’s body systems are almost ready.

How are Baby Movements at 38th Week of Pregnancy?

In the last weeks before the birth of the baby or in the last days, it is normal to have a decrease in the movements of your little baby. It’s as if your baby is resting at 38 weeks of pregnancy and gathering lots of energy for when he or she is born. Therefore, there may be a decrease in baby movements in the 38th week of pregnancy.

38 Weeks Pregnant And Features of period

However, the number of movements should not decrease considerably. If you feel an extra bit of stagnation, talk to your doctor. Because the decrease in the continuity of your baby’s movements can mean that some things are not going well. If you want to check this, you can lie on your left side and count how many times your tiny baby has moved. If your baby is moving less than 4 times an hour or you have other concerns related to the decrease in his movements, you should definitely call his doctor.

What are the changes in the mother at 38 weeks of pregnancy?

38 weeks pregnant

The upside-down position of the baby at 38 weeks of pregnancy in the womb of the expectant mother allows the expectant mother to give a comfortable birth.

Your baby, which is now growing, will put pressure on the uterus. At 38 weeks pregnant, your baby’s weight will not change anymore. In this period of pregnancy, many expectant mothers do not gain much weight, but still feel uncomfortable.

The reason for this is that your baby is now slowly gaining weight this month. Some expectant mothers may even lose weight in the last days of pregnancy. By the time of birth, the expectant mother will have gained 12-17 kilograms.

The ideal weight gain recommended by physicians is an average of 11-14 kilos. The average distance between the uterus and the pubic symphysis is 36-38 cm. From the navel to the top of the uterus, an average of 16-18 cm. is up.

38 Weeks Pregnant And Features of period

With the 38th week of pregnancy, the breasts of the expectant mother are now ready to feed her baby. As the time of delivery of the beloved mother approaches, colostrum, a yellowish protein liquid, may gradually begin to leak from the nipples.

Dear expectant mother, you may continue to have shortness of breath this week as well, because many expectant mothers suffer from shortness of breath due to the pressure under the rib cage as the baby grows. During the 38th week of pregnancy, the connective tissues and muscles of the body continue to soften and relax in preparation for birth. This is particularly evident in the pelvic region.

There may also be sciatica pain in the thighs, buttocks and buttocks, which is accompanied by tingling and numbness due to the pressure of the uterus on the sciatic nerves. This pain will decrease as your tiny baby goes down to the pelvis. Dear mothers-to-be, it is very likely that you are a little bored of your pregnancy in the last weeks. You may be away from a sound sleep due to frequent urination at night, or you may be embarrassed and tired of urinating when you cough, laugh or sneeze.

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