4 Month Old Baby Development and Weight

Physical Development of the 4 Month Old Baby

4 Month Old Baby- Physical development is the most easily observed area of ​​infant development. The baby, whose head, shoulder and back muscles are strengthened, can hold his head upright for longer periods. He opens his arms, brings him together on his chest, and enjoys watching his hands and arms in motion. The baby can stand upright and without support for a while when the feet touch a hard floor when held under the arms, and moves their legs by making movements similar to stepping. Although the baby can stand in this position, it should not be kept this way for a long time.4 Month Old Baby-

4 Month Old Baby’s Height Weight Ratio

Knowing how much the baby’s height and weight should be on average makes it easier to track whether the baby’s physical development is progressing in a healthy way. A 4-month-old baby girl has an average weight of 6 kilograms and an average height of 61 centimeters. The 4-month-old boy weighs on average 6.5 kilograms and his height is 63 centimeters.

Intelligence Development of a 4-Month-Old Baby

The baby can watch and follow moving objects and people for a long time in this month. The sounds around him are still interesting. He turns his head in the direction of the sound and searches for its source. The images and sounds he can perceive have increased, so he begins to learn more. He begins to respond to the games of his parents and loved ones, even if a little. Talking with the baby from birth, explaining and introducing those around him and making eye contact are very important for intelligence development.

Emotional Development of the 4 Month Old Baby

The baby cries this month to express his needs. He will cry when he is hungry, sleepy, and bored. While a loved one silences the baby, the baby who does not like to be alone may start to cry when the people he / she communicates with, and he / she becomes irritable.

Psychological Development of a 4-Month-Old Baby

It covers many areas such as the psychological development of the baby, cognitive, emotional and social development. The 4-month-old baby has begun to shape his understanding of the world and himself. In the 4th month, the baby starts to smile when something he likes and responds when compassion is shown, begins to respond with chirping and babbling to the voices he / she hears when talking to him or around him, and develops methods to calm himself. The baby’s cognitive development also continues; In the 4th month, the baby gradually begins to learn the daily routines and understands that the diaper will be changed and adjusts his position accordingly, and when the mother takes her to breastfeed, calm down before she can see the breast. He repeatedly makes movements that have consequences that he likes.

The baby can easily make eye contact this month. Making eye contact with the baby is the foundation of social skills. The most important thing that parents should do in the first months and in the fourth month is to respond to the needs of the baby so that the baby’s psychological development can continue in a healthy way and that his perception of the world and himself can be shaped positively. In this way, the baby will feel safe and his psychological development will continue healthy.

How should a 4-month-old baby be fed?

Breast milk or formula is still the baby’s only food source. Until the 6th month, the baby does not need any food other than breast milk. In the 4th month, if the mother’s milk is sufficient, only breast milk, if the mother cannot breastfeed or the milk is not sufficient, it is sufficient to feed with formula formula.

Feeding a 4-Month-Old Baby Who Cannot Take Breast Milk

The baby may not be able to be breastfed for many different reasons. The most worrying situation about baby nutrition is the situation in which the baby cannot receive breast milk. However, in such a case, it is appropriate to feed the baby with formula. Formula formulas are foods that are prepared very close to breast milk. Formula formulas should also be selected according to the age of the baby. Feeding a 4-month-old baby with formula prepared for 4-month-old babies is important for getting the necessary nutrients. A doctor should be consulted to regulate the feeding routine and foods of the baby who cannot be fed with breast milk. After consulting the doctor, a 4-month-old baby can be given formula, vegetable soups, fruit juice and yogurt.

Night Feeding of a 4-Month-Old Baby

The baby will still need to be fed at night in the 4th month. This month, it will be enough to feed the baby only 2-3 times a night. Although the baby does not need to be awakened to feed, it should be fed when the baby wakes up.

How to Provide a Sleep Pattern in a 4-Month-Old Baby?

The 4th month is an early period to establish a sleep pattern. Although the baby is shorter than the previous months, it still needs morning sleep and night feeding and the perception of day and night is not developed. This situation makes it difficult to establish a sleep pattern. 4-month-old baby’s daytime sleep is shortened and night sleep is prolonged. The baby sleeps an average of 9-10 hours a night, 3 – 3.5 hours in total during the day.

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