5 Month Old Baby Development and Sleep

Physical Development of the 5 Month Old Baby

5 Month Old Baby Development-While the average height of the girls is around 64 cm, their weight is around 6900 grams on average. While the height of the male babies is around 65 cm, their weight is around 7500 grams. Many factors such as feeding patterns have a great effect on the height and weight development of babies.

5 Month Old Baby Feeding

5-month-old babies who need to be fed less frequently than the previous months should be fed only with breast milk during this period. It may need feeding 4 or 5 times a day. Apart from breast milk, there is no nutrient the baby needs. When mothers think that their milk is not enough, they should seek support from their doctors. For babies who are 5 months old but cannot breastfeed, families should learn which formulas to use with the help of their doctors. It is recommended that babies switch to additional food from the 6th month on, so it is recommended to check their babies’ readiness for additional food at the 5th month.

5 Month Old Baby Toys

It is a useful game for babies to spend time in front of the mirror and increase their self-awareness. Can play with plush toys and activity toys. You may like toys with musical, colorful or rattle as they appeal to several senses. Teething rings for babies who are slowly coming to their teething periods can provide relief. He can play with cubes that are not small enough to swallow but are tiny.

5 Month Old Baby’s Language Development

Babies who start to cry around this period can produce words that are close to reality. Babies who are 5 months old can put together simple syllables with vowels and consonants, such as ba-ba or da-da, but cannot yet use these words to address them. Although he does not know exactly what the words mean, he slowly begins to make sense of the sounds he hears. When the name is pronounced, words like yes or no are used, it turns its head in the direction of the sound. When excited, he starts babbling or crying.

Physical Development of the 5 Month Old Baby

Babies can sit for a while in this month when supported with items such as pillows. If no support is provided, it can remain in an unsupported sitting position for a short time. They can keep their heads up longer while in a sitting position. It can turn from one side to the other when laid on its back. Therefore, it is dangerous to leave them where they can fall while alone. When he is supported by his arms while lying face down, he may start to lift his body and head slightly from the ground. With both hands, it can hold objects such as a bottle more firmly. He can pull objects grasped with his hands towards him and lift them up. Others can pass things from one hand to another.

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Psychological Development of a 5 Month Old Baby

It is possible to understand from his facial expressions that he noticed his mother, father and caregiver when he saw them. She could be said to be smiling at these people and expecting a response from them too. When mothers and fathers tell their baby’s emotions from their facial expressions and gestures, it can help raise awareness. It will strengthen the bond when spoken by making eye contact and touching it with affection. However, it can make it easier to recognize and understand their emotions in the future. In this period, when the objects are introduced, it may be easier to establish the relationship between words and objects.

5 Month Old Baby’s Social Development

When he sees the caregiver, his mother and father, he knows and gets excited. She likes the tender touches of people she knows. When he is sad or cries, he calms down when he is held by his mother and father and shown affection. When he sees people he does not know, he becomes anxious, nervous and reveals this. She enjoys playing ce-e games with people she feels safe with.


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