6 Month Old Baby Development and Sleep

Physical Development of the 6 Month Old Baby

6 Month Old Baby-The baby, who can keep his head and back straight, can now sit on the high chair and eat. When the 6-month-old baby is laid on his back, he starts to rotate on his own and tries to crawl in order to reach the remote toy. This is the beginning of crawling trials.

The baby, whose manual skills are well developed this month, can now grasp the bottle with both hands and drink the milk himself. The height and weight of the 6-month-old baby are also important areas to follow whether their physical development is progressing in a healthy way. A 6-month-old baby girl has an average weight of 7 kilograms and an average height of 64 centimeters. A 6-month-old baby boy weighs 7.5 kilograms on average and his height is 67 centimeters.

6 Month Old Baby’s Language Development

The baby is sensitive to sounds this month as in previous months. He turns to the direction of the sound and watches the person speaking to him with interest. In the 6th month, babbling begins, making two-syllable sounds like “ba-ba, ma-ma”. Responding to and imitating the baby’s sounds supports the baby’s language development. The baby can make new sounds every week. Now he begins to express himself better with the voices he makes. He can express his happiness or dissatisfaction with voices.

Neurological Development of a 6 Month Old Baby

The neurological development of the baby starts in the mother’s womb, but accelerates with the encounter with more stimuli with birth. Neurological development depends on the baby’s experiences, when the baby encounters the right stimuli at the right time, the brain development continues in a healthy way.

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Neurological development directly affects the baby’s fine motor, gross motor and language development, as well as social skills. Whether the baby’s neurological development continues in a healthy and normal way can be followed by its development in these areas. The 6th month is a period in which the neurological development of the baby accelerates. Many improvements such as gripping, sitting upright, and the ability to make different sounds occur during these months. A 6-month-old baby can sit upright, hold a bottle with both hands, pass an object from one hand to another, and distinguish his family.

6 Month Old Baby Social Development

This month, the baby begins to distinguish between strangers and acquaintances. He gets excited and happy when he sees familiar faces and prefers to be around familiar people. A 6-month-old baby becomes uneasy among strangers and may be more likely to be introduced to his parents in such an environment. It makes eye contact with the person who talks to him, plays, looks at him. It is very important for the social development of the baby to put him in different environments instead of avoiding comparing it with strangers because he is uneasy.

6 Month Old Baby Psychological Development

It covers many areas such as the psychological development of the baby, cognitive, emotional and social development. The baby starts to show his emotions this month better than the previous months. His reactions to the things he likes and dislikes become clear and understood by the parents. The baby begins to express his feelings with the sounds he makes. This month, the baby may start to expect more attention from those around him. When he gets this attention he becomes happy, when he can’t get it, he shows his discontent. When the emotion of the baby’s sounds is understood, it must be expressed to the baby. In this way, the baby learns to express emotions and them.

In the 6th month, the baby wants to participate in the activities of the people around him, and his enthusiasm and need to communicate with people increases. He does not want to be separated from his parents and caregivers. These people may start crying when they leave.


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