7 Weeks Pregnant and Features of Period

How is Baby Development at 7th Week of Pregnancy?

7 Weeks Pregnant- Your baby’s mouth and tongue take shape in the 7th week of pregnancy. His intestines are developing and also his appendix has already formed. The protrusions that would form the arms and legs of the little angel began to form. Hand, arm, shoulder, foot, leg and knee parts are rapidly forming.

The kidneys of the beloved mother-to-be’s little baby are now in place. Preparing to start urine production and excretory tasks. The baby’s developing skull is still transparent. If you could look with a magnifying glass, you could see the smooth surface of your tiny brain.

7 Weeks Pregnant

You may also hear a heartbeat during the 7th week of pregnancy. If you haven’t heard it in the previous week, I think prepare yourself this week! In addition, if you do not hear a heartbeat at 7 weeks of pregnancy, do not worry, you can wait for babies who do not sound until the 10th week with present patience and love. The sac is also growing with the baby on the 7th week of pregnancy, and it can be seen clearly in the examination.

What Are the Changes in the Mother at 7th Week of Pregnancy?

Changes in the mother in the 7th week of pregnancy progress extremely slowly.

It is still not clear that you are pregnant. In the 7th week of pregnancy, people around you will never realize that you are pregnant unless you tell them to.

If you want to hide this situation from your environment for a while, you can easily hide it

Pregnancy symptoms at 7 weeks of pregnancy are still the same as early pregnancy symptoms.

Because the 7th week of pregnancy is the period included in the 2nd month of the first trimester.

This means that you are still in early pregnancy. Weakness, Tiredness, Desire to sleep Stomach boiling, Frequent urination, Constipation, Indigestion, Gas, Swelling, Craving or disgust, Headaches can be counted among the 7th week symptoms of pregnancy.

So this week you may experience all the complaints we have mentioned or a few of them, or you may not experience any of them. This is a period that varies from person to person.

What should the expectant mother pay attention to at 7th week of pregnancy?

One of the things that the mother should pay attention to during 7 weeks of pregnancy is not to use non-prescription drugs.

7 Weeks Pregnant

Of course, you should pay attention to this throughout your pregnancy and even while breastfeeding, but this week we will talk about it. Many people buy and use over-the-counter medications voluntarily.

In fact, even though it is harmful for everyone, it is a situation that needs more attention, especially during pregnancy.

For example, painkillers, aspirin, caffeine, cough syrups and sleeping pills can contain 25% alcohol, but this is no different than drinking wine and beer. The 5th and 10th weeks, including the 7th week, are one of the critical periods when the baby is most vulnerable to harm. You should pay special attention to such situations.

How should the nutrition be at 7th week of pregnancy?

During the 7th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother should pay attention to calcium intake.

The little baby will need more calcium to develop strong bones and teeth. In addition, it protects the bone health of the expectant mother, prevents blood pressure and balances her blood pressure.

Although dairy products are rich in calcium, they also contain vitamin D, which helps calcium absorption.

During the controls, your doctor will inform you how much calcium should be consumed per day according to the special condition of the expectant mother.

This information can sometimes be skipped, but you should definitely ask the expectant mother to eat right. It is important to get as much calcium as possible from your diet, but some physicians recommend calcium supplements.

Especially, green leafy vegetables such as milk, cheese, yogurt, flaxseed, almond, spinach, arugula and chard are powerful sources of calcium.

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