9 Weeks Pregnant and Features of Period

What Is The Development Process Of Your Little Baby At 9th Week Of Pregnancy?

9 Weeks Pregnant- Your tiny baby is about 2 cm in length during the 9th week of pregnancy.
The eyelids of her little eyes are getting shaped and at the same time her ears are developing.
The tooth roots on your baby’s palate continue to take shape rapidly.
Your baby’s tiny hands are now divided into 10 tiny fingers.

Even though your dear mother-to-be still does not feel movement, your little baby has started to be more active in you. He can move his tiny arms and legs. And even he can turn his head and open and close his mouth.
The taste buds in your baby’s mouth and tongue are already taking shape.

Their eyes are developed in detail.
Your baby’s nose has also become recognizable.
Your tiny baby’s major organs, namely the brain, heart, lungs and kidneys, are still developing.
You are excited, but the 9th week of pregnancy is too early to detect her gender on ultrasound, but your little angel’s movements can be seen.
Your angel’s muscles and bones continue to develop during this period.
When it comes to this stage, it is important to support your developing body with vitamin D supplements.

Change of Mothers at 9th Week of Pregnancy

9 Weeks Pregnant

EI guess it’s normal now that you are not only feeling morning sickness but also feeling emotionally unstable. Because emotional instability is very common at this stage of pregnancy.

Most expectant mothers feel intense imbalance for up to 6-10 weeks. In the second trimester, the imbalance condition gets lighter and becomes more intense when the delivery approaches.

These are all normal.
Dear mothers-to-be, your tiny baby is developing within you. Because of this, if you feel that your body is getting heavy and you feel tired, the only reason is your tiny angel is growing.
Now you have to use every opportunity to rest and increase your sleep hours.
Therefore, you should not neglect to pay special attention to the foods you consume and prepare, so that first you and then your baby will be healthy.

Foods to Avoid at 9th Week of Pregnancy

9 Weeks Pregnant
Dear mothers, processed meat products – salami, sausage, etc. during the 9th week of pregnancy. Stay away from products such as
Likewise, avoid products such as raw meats – chicken, red meat.
Avoid frozen meat products.
Also avoid products like raw seafood – ready-to-eat packaged shrimp.
Sushi – never consume ready-made sushi, never use raw meat in sushi, even if it is homemade
Never consume unpasteurized dairy products, soft / semi-soft cheese, feta cheese, moldy cheese, too.
Do not consume soft ice cream or fried ice cream.
Dear mothers, do not consume undercooked or raw eggs.
Do not consume packaged products such as mayonnaise and ketchup.
Do not consume ready-made salad dressings.
Do not consume ready-made cream and sauces bought for cake or cake.
Do not consume ready meals and reheated meals either.

Importance and Time of Supplementing Vitamin D at 9th Week of Pregnancy

9 Weeks Pregnant

Dear expectant mother, Vitamin D is essential for a healthy pregnancy.
Vitamin D is very important for the development and bones of your little baby.
Vitamin D will balance calcium and phosphate values.
The supplement you take will also prevent your little baby from Vitamin D deficiency. This is especially important for your baby’s first months.
The best method for vitamin D supplements is to be exposed to direct sunlight UVB rays, but this may not always be possible.
There is Vitamin D in the foods that we will mention soon, dear mother-to-be. However, you can ensure your sufficient consumption with vitamin supplements in consultation with your physician.
The two most essential nutrients to increase your Vitamin D levels;

Fatty fish – salmon
Egg and especially egg yolk

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