Flu During Pregnancy All Been Wondering

Flu During Pregnancy-The importance of influenza disease in pregnancy is a situation that we need to focus on. Complications of the disease, symptoms and treatment information we maintain about, the article will protect you and your child.

Pregnancy Why Shouldn’t We Be Sick?

Everything about our body when we are pregnant it’s not just us, also our unborn baby is also of concern. For this reason, the importance of the possible diseases that we live in the period of pregnancy increases significantly. Most of the mother during pregnancy belongs; case “patient” must. Many of our pregnant mothers, the immune system has been waning due to stress and other factors to be more susceptible to the virus that causes.

A common way in a common respiratory infection if it is because of this, Mothers, is seriously disturbing. Caught the flu while pregnant can point to complications that is different from the normal flu that we get, we must pay attention to pay more attention to ourselves and our.

Is The Flu Dangerous During Pregnancy?

Yes. Our immune system is weaker while pregnant and, thus, more fragile and vulnerable we are against diseases and pregnancy. Lower immunity could become a disease that flu can cause serious complications in the body. And give rise to complex diseases such as pneumonia, especially pneumonia and a long recovery that you can have “flu – ” our baby’s illness, this can cause extensive damage to the comings and goings of our hospital.

Also, “flu” (doctors, our mothers, premature birth, miscarriage, low birth weight may be exposed to the risk of. Of course the chances of encountering complications like that of a mother but one thing to be aware of low “during pregnancy” so it is likely the possibility of a serious case review.

Flu In Pregnancy Will Hurt My Baby?

When we are pregnant our immune system weakens, our body as Foreign so it is actually a good situation that our baby stop taking it, and will fight against him. However, by weakening our immune system, our bodies are less resistant against diseases. This body flu, colds and other infections indicates that under normal conditions it is as strong to fight against.

The most important to know the flu situation here “Us” is not a disease that can be transmitted to our baby.

However, in severe cases the baby can be affected by the disease. Complications from influenza cause serious diseases because of contracting serious diseases many of our baby and ourselves rates may increase.

The unborn baby of a pregnant woman who had the flu are at risk for fetal distress and premature baby premature birth or low so can cause your flu. So, dear mothers, we must know the signs of the flu. Our influenza vaccine dosing primarily, and I find the answers to their questions and how to deal with the flu during pregnancy we have to help our body. By doing this, we must remain severe disease.

What Are The Symptoms Of Flu In Pregnancy?

Influenza in pregnancy is one of the problems we were wrong in a common way of disease, can be confused with illnesses such as cold and flu. Here the most important symptom is a cough.

Headache, fever, exhaustion quickly to get rid of influenza, where symptoms are seen as important as our mothers, the first should consult a doctor. Must be the flu vaccine in pregnant mothers. According to a study in the United States, the flu vaccine of flu cases in pregnant women who have less than 50% has been observed.

The most important symptoms of influenza disease in pregnancy:

  1. Difficulty breathing, and shortness of breath
  2. Bloody mucus
  3. Pain or pressure in your chest or abdominal area
  4. Sudden dizziness
  5. Severe or persistent vomiting
  6. Your baby’s movements and you have a lot of feel to them
  7. Fall fever with antipyretic drugs

When it’s cold and flu what should be done?

The flu, or other illness with similar symptoms to rest at home in case we try to limit our contact with others and we have plenty of. We consult our doctor will be very important and useful. We should start our own decisions in taking drug treatment. During pregnancy there are drugs we can take a limited number of already.

Especially the number of drugs to be consumed during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy is quite small. The most important stage of this disease the treatment of influenza is to demonstrate attitudes, we will never get caught. For the disease, which is primarily a respiratory disease seasonal influenza “flu shot” it will be quite a beneficial method. Except for the flu vaccine, to reduce our risk of disease:

  • Washing hands frequently
  • Adequate rest and sleep
  • A healthy diet program
  • Our family is so sick contacts, or avoid close contact with friends
  • Regular exercise
  • Reduce stress

front will be quite useful to us in our struggle with the flu.

When we are being treated with the advice of a qualified physician the flu during pregnancy in addition to exhibiting behaviors that will also be our own doctor we can make a positive contribution to the treatment process.

Hamilelikte Gribe Ne İyi Gelir

What’s Good For Flu During Pregnancy

  • Highly fired up when we need to treat it immediately. Your condition your doctor immediately to be considered for Fire treatment at home acetaminophen is one of the methods that you can apply.
  • We need to consume plenty of fluids.
  • Your doctor will decide whether you need antiviral medication. Antiviral drugs will prevent the growth and development of microbes in the body. These drugs can make your symptoms milder and may improve how you feel in a faster way you drugs. Serious side effects have been encountered so far in pregnant women.
  • We must be careful of our diet.
  • We should ask for our help, plenty of rest and housework. It will be good for our working conditions, according to a small permission to leave.
  • Pay close attention and quite often we should wash our hands personal hygiene to us. Sneezing, coughing in cases such as close to use our hands to our mouths we must fear.

Is It Safe To Get A Flu Shot During Pregnancy?

Hamilelikte Grip Aşısı Güvenli Mi

The Flu Vaccine Is Safe During Pregnancy

Yes, the flu vaccine is safe during pregnancy. Here the first 3 months the first three months of pregnancy because the most important condition is a low probability of a term is high for this reason, your doctor and never your result you need to make a treatment.

Flu vaccines does not contain live virus “because the internet” the virus contained in the vaccine, there is a drawback in the use from we call. This also protect your baby during pregnancy and in the first months of life (the first 6 months until after the baby is born) is an important treatment that helps him.

In the past, influenza vaccine is not recommended for those with egg allergies. But now there are new vaccines egg unused, and is a treatment that will prevent these allergic reactions.

Inoculated inoculated from the mother through the placenta when she was pregnant mother to the unborn baby is caused by antibodies. The vaccine can protect for 6 months after the baby’s birth. Prevention through influenza immunization of pregnant women studies also have shown positive impact on the unborn baby’s growth.

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