Baby Colic and Problems about colics

When Does Colic End / Last?

Baby colic It starts when babies are about 2-3 weeks old. It is observed that colic reaches its peak in 4-6 weeks after it starts in babies. And it mostly ends in 3 months but there are some that don’t. It is observed that some of them are finished in 3 months and others in 6 months. However, some babies also appear to take longer. In this case, the answer to your question when colic ends will end in 3 months earlier. In some babies, colic is a condition that can last up to 1 year old

When does colic end and should a baby with colic see a doctor?

Maybe there is not much to do, but the doctor should see. Because your doctor will at least examine your baby to make sure there is no other problem with your baby. Sometimes; In addition to colic, problems such as otitis media, urinary tract infection, hernia, and intestinal knotting also cause a lot of crying and families can be thought of as colic. Also, your doctor may recommend some drops or herbal teas for colic.

When Does Colic End / Why Does It Happen?

The cause of colic is still unknown. It is thought that in a breastfed baby, the baby is allergic to what the mother eats, the baby is allergic to the ingredients of the formula, the baby’s digestive system is immature, your baby’s increased intestinal gas, changes in your baby’s daily routine, and sometimes it may be related to the mother’s anxiety. However, no exact cause has been determined.

What Foods Should Breastfeeding Mothers Avoid for Colic?

Foods such as dried legumes, cow’s milk and dairy products, onion, garlic, spicy foods, coffee, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli tea and chocolate can be excluded from the diet of the nursing mother, and it can be observed whether the little baby is relaxed or not.

What can be done to relieve a baby with colic?

There is absolutely no single right to relieve the baby with colic in this regard. Every mother and every baby are unique. Sometimes the method that relieves one baby does not work for the other. But no matter what, remember, it’s definitely a temporary situation. In time, these crying crises will be replaced by your baby’s laughing crises, and you will suddenly forget what you experienced during this period and laugh with him.

Perhaps following the suggestions below will give your baby some comfort.

Wrap your baby in a soft blanket

Hugging and hugging your baby

Lullaby and sing to your baby

Making your baby listen to music

Massaging your baby’s belly with warm oil

Putting a warm towel on your baby’s stomach

Giving your baby a warm bath

Taking your baby around in his car

Getting your baby around in your own car

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