Baby Sleep Problems and Sleep Patterns

How should we approach the crying baby at night?

Baby Sleep Problems-First of all, we should understand that the physical needs of the baby are met, that is, whether the belly is full, the gold is dry and the ambient temperature is sufficient. We should not give stimuli such as excessive noise or light, thinking that the baby will be able to sleep again after a short time. We should talk to him for a while, trying to calm the baby away from his bed. In order for the baby to feel safe, we should go to him when he cries. But taking it to your own bed is not an appropriate behavior as it will become habitual after a while.

How many hours should your baby sleep?

Newborn babies sleep an average of 18 hours, after 6 months, usually 10-12 hours (including two naps per day).

Is daytime sleep essential for babies?

Newborn babies sleep and wake up, regardless of day and night. After 2 months, they start sleeping longer at night. After 15 months, daytime sleepiness drops from two to one.
Noon sleep is also not necessary after 4 years of age. Baby Sleep Problems

Should we wake up and feed at night?

A healthy newborn baby wakes up every 2-3 hours, takes breast milk and continues to sleep. Night feeding is generally not required after 6-8 months. Every waking up of the child should not be perceived as hunger.

When does a continuous night sleep occur?

Uninterrupted sleep specific to adults reaches the age of three in some children.

In what environment should your baby sleep?

A quiet, dim environment with an average temperature of 20 degrees is ideal for sleep. We must try to sleep in the same environment and at the same time every day. The mattress should be safe, the edges soft, and the bedspreads should be cotton and soft. Using pillows can be dangerous. A soft toy that the baby likes can be put on the bed. You should never sleep in the same bed with another child. If your sleep is heavy, never take it to your bed. Baby Sleep Problems

Bath can be relaxing before going to sleep. Light music and light shaking movements can make it easier to fall asleep. It is necessary to avoid excessive excitement activities, computer games and television in older children before going to sleep. Before going to bed, it is necessary to get used to sleeping time by doing certain rituals such as wearing pajamas and reading a book.

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