Misconceptions About Becoming Pregnant

We have written about being pregnant among women to correct known errors. Hope you are linking them you immediately if you need to stop.

Couples who affirm the table of a happy family, which is one of the most special feelings in the world “children” with a request to implement the idea of being “pregnant” is so wrong about ideas and information they are exposed to pollution.

A regular sex life and you need to stay pregnant after 1.5 to 2 years after the truth “have a baby” we recommend the necessary treatment to couples who can’t get pregnant and being able to directly see with a doctor’s supervision will increase.

All other myths and legends as psychological will cause us to feel bad will not help you get pregnant. Marks, timing, body temperature, like the day you hear some legends to have sex, but what is the real meaning of this? please read on if you want to know from wrong or what.

Known About How To Get Pregnant The Right 8 Wrong

We women, especially social media to exchange information between the impact of herpes and the place completely without any consistency “to be born” has left. That will make it easier to get pregnant foods to get pregnant the most accurate position, frequency of sexual intercourse, and various thoughts which have entered our lives has no basis as totems.

Wanting kids and several attempts as a result of this request do not reach to the circumstances that will affect the life of couples who fall in and are more affected by psychological depression. Based on all these, “get pregnant” with regard to the known right wrong 8 we wanted to share with you.

1. Foods That Should Be Consumed To Get Pregnant Fast

Don’t have any food to enhance or affect pregnancy. What’s important here pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy that should be consumed are foods that know that.

Folic acid, iron, zinc, calcium and vitamins minerals such as more of the food that is important for our own health and the health of our baby is. These foods that a pregnant does not have effect.

2. A Day That Must Be Entered Into A Sexual Relationship To Get Pregnant

Especially some of the religious items and totems as a result of Thursday, Sunday, on the first day of the full moon to get pregnant, having sexual intercourse, which is spoken among the people as there are days it helps and is widely misunderstood.

We live in a regular sexual relationship, if we want to increase our chances of having a child and no longer get pregnant ovulation period and ovulation days, 1-2 days before that day.

3. Specific Cures For You To Get Pregnant

We facilitate to get pregnant, herbal tea, old wives ‘ remedies, like herbal cures formulas. These kind of herbal products to increase sperm quality increase sexual desire may or may not be the only can be of benefit.

If you have a problem or to get pregnant with our complicating our reproductive organs, do not have equipment that may resolve them. As a result of a long experiment to see an obstetrician if you are pregnant with a urology specialist is very important in terms of your health, as is the right way to carry out your will.

4. Can I Get Pregnant Without Orgasm

We have a happy sexual relationship is required to ensure that the situation is having an orgasm, but to get pregnant is not a necessity.

Our reproductive organs orgasm will not want to be things that can help the sperm reach the egg. For this reason, there is definitely a necessity because I must have an orgasm to get pregnant. Of course… but that doesn’t need to know our spouse 🙂

5. Facilitate Movement To Get Pregnant

We want to emphasize here, “lifting her legs up” situation. Lift up the legs for half an hour after the sexual intercourse, there is a fallacy, as this makes it easier for me to get pregnant. Considering the fact that men whether it makes sense or “sperm” is smart enough.

After reaching the cells that our body knows where to go for do not need to lift our feet. Just put a pillow under our lower back, our wife, we do not have an idea about the quality of our sperm and our eggs is not a movement that may be useful for sperm to get. Sperm can live for a long time out from our body that will prevent a lawsuit.

6. Egg Lives For A Few Days

The life time of the sperm it might take up to 72 hrs. The life span of the egg after sexual relations, but the release rate is in the range of 12 to 24 hours. This is the release of an egg that can be fertilized in a couple of days after the claim is unfounded and shows that.

Our spouse’s sperm has to capture our eggs at the right time. This social life is “wait for the man and the woman” is known as.

7. For A Long Time Use Of Birth Control Pills, Pregnancy Complicates

It is not possible to be definitive about this information. Illustrates the differences in the side effects of birth control pills on the market. A study about the effects of pregnancy on birth control pills there is not any scientific and statistical.

Some women can get pregnant after stopping this medication. For women who can get pregnant if other problems are seen to be.

8. After The First Pregnancy Is Easy

Condition of life to be associated with the first or second pregnancy infertility it is not possible. For this reason, after experiencing a pregnancy for the second time is easier, as is not the case.

Pregnancy is spoken among the people about the mistakes that we must apply ourselves not

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