Travel With Baby Tips and Precautions

Travel With Baby Tips-Traveling with a baby is often daunting to families, but not as difficult as it seems. If you know what needs to be done before and during travel with the baby, you have no reason not to have a smooth travel with your baby. Before traveling with the baby, whether you are traveling by car or plane, the first thing you need to do is to prepare a bag that will have everything you need for your baby at hand. If you are traveling by car and not in the trunk, you should take this bag in the cabin . Or as you are traveling by plane in a place where you can lie in the car.

What you must have in your travel bag

Travel With Baby Tips

SPARE Clothes

A few of his favorite toys and books

Wet wipes Diaper Diaper rash cream

Nutrition apron (You can choose disposable aprons)

Take a thin blanket and a small pillow. Groin If switched to additional food, jar additional foods

Things to consider when traveling by car

If you have not been checked by a doctor in the last month, go to a doctor before traveling.

Do not make changes that affect the baby’s routine and cause discomfort, such as dropping the breast before travel, toilet training, and postpone your plan until after the trip.

It is mandatory to have a first aid kit in the car, but check it before you travel anyway.

Travel With Baby Tips

Always sit your baby in the car seat you bought according to his age, fasten his belt. Set the departure time according to your baby’s sleep pattern. Especially on hot summer days, it can sweat and therefore be restless.

Always change your sweaty clothes for breaks. Protect both yourself and your baby from the sun’s rays with the sunshade you will buy in the car. These protectors also help your baby have a sound sleep without being disturbed by car headlights during night travels.

Although not recommended by experts, DVD players placed behind the front seat on long journeys prevent your baby from getting bored and whining. You can let it watch periodically, even for a very long time. Or you could try to keep it busy with colorful books or toys instead.

When your baby is asleep,

no matter how hot the weather is, cover him with a thin blanket and support him with a pillow to keep his head stable. Take frequent breaks and if your baby is at the walking age, make sure that the blood circulation moves during these breaks to accelerate. Meet your baby’s changing and feeding needs during breaks, not while in the car. If your baby wants to be with you, do not take him in the front seat. Take the back seat next to him, standing in a suitable place. Do not open your belt and hold it on your lap.

Travel With Baby Tips

Things to consider when traveling by plane

Prepare a special bag for your baby just like on a car trip. Thus, all the materials you need will be at hand.

Do not choose connecting flights on international flights. Choose the seat you will sit on from the front rows. (Front seats are wider)

Check if the company you will be traveling to has special services for families with babies.

Breastfeed so that your baby’s ears do not get clogged and restless during take-offs and landings. Older children can chew gum or eat something under your control.

Some babies may need a drop of saline in case their nose is blocked during the flight. You can change your baby’s diaper on the plane, but to minimize the number of diaper changes, change them just before you board the plane.

Do not dress your baby too thick or too thin. If you dress it in layers (in the form of a t-shirt on the body), you can easily remove the top depending on the temperature.

Even if you sit at the front, get out of the plane at the latest. When you leave early, you have to wait for the luggage to arrive. It will be more comfortable for your baby to wait on the plane. While passing passport control on international flights, take advantage of being a passenger with a baby so that your baby does not have to wait in long queues with you. Traveling with a baby, tips for traveling with a baby, travel list with a baby, traveling with a baby, driving with a baby, airplane travel with a baby

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